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Thread: Controller stops working in Max Payne 3

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    Controller stops working in Max Payne 3

    I currently playing Max Payne 3 on Xbox 360 and I am stuck at the level which takes place in office. I am at the part where I reach on the street and a jeep comes towards Max. I tried to move Max away from Jeeps path but it seems that controllers suddenly stop working at this spot. I tried bullet time and jumping away, I tried to sprint away but nothing helps. The jeep crashes into me and Max Payne dies. I restarted games many time, but every time same event happens. Is it some kind of bug that stops me from moving from my place or do controls stop working at that point. Can someone tell me?

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    Re: Controller stops working in Max Payne 3

    Actually this is neither any bug nor any control malfunction. The part of the level itself is designed in that way. When you are unable to move, it is because you don’t have to get out of the Jeep’s path. Instead you have to shoot the driver inside so that Jeep changes its way and Max Payne gets saved. The part is designed such that you cannot move Max around, you can only move gun and shoot. You have to be quick and accurate to get the Jeep driver’s headshot.

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