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Thread: Max floating in the air bug in Max Payne 3

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    Max floating in the air bug in Max Payne 3

    I was playing Max Payne 3 yesterday and I was in the warehouse that is on the area with dockyards. I fought some group of enemies and was taking cover near a window. The window had scene of favelas from Brazil being seen from it. I was crouching under window and after the fight got over, I made Max stand back on his feet and then I pressed jump. But after that Max Payne continued to stick in air. He refused to come down. I had to reset the game to get things back to normal. What can the problem be with the game? Did anyone else too experience such problem or is it just me?

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    Re: Max floating in the air bug in Max Payne 3

    You are not alone who is suffering from such problems in Max Payne 3. Max Payne 3 suffers from many problems regarding the collision of objects when coming into contact with some surface. The problem that you encountered was one of them. Many users have seen such problems in their game where Max Payne refuses to collide with some solid object and continue to pass through it. Some user also complained that in this game, many time Max got stuck in such places that it becomes impossible to get him out. I saw one glitch where one I made Max jumps from stairs in favelas. He fell down on an open crate and got stuck in it. I also noticed one glitch where I tried to crouch and take cover behind a small box. But the distance between Max and the solid box was like one foot away. Many glitches regarding the character animation have also noticed. Many times when explosions take place, the characters fly around in an weird manner. These problems must be caused due to improper ragdoll animations used in character animation. Also the cut scene where Max Payne is shown drinking and smoking, many people found the cigarette and bottle flying at a distance from Max’s hand. So there are presence of bugs in Max Payne 3 regarding character animation and physical collisions. Many of these bugs have been brought under developer’s notice. Hope they release a patch to cure them soon.

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