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Thread: Making new skins and maps for Iron Front - Liberation 1944

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    Making new skins and maps for Iron Front - Liberation 1944

    I played Iron Front - Liberation 1944 and completed its single player and liked the game very much. It was a good change from playing usual war based game where one has to just go on shooting enemies that come in our way. I had previously played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. But Iron Front - Liberation 1944 was something different. You can order soldier around the map. You can drive vehicles at your will and most importantly was the tactical methods that were needed to execute a task properly. I think that this game should have more than Germany and Russia in its main game. I think that there should be other armies too. For example, American, British, French and Spanish as they too were involved in World War 2. It would be great fun to have more types of armies with different weapons and tactics to fight with. Is there any option to modify the game by creating custom objects to use in this game?

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    Re: Making new skins and maps for Iron Front - Liberation 1944

    Iron Front - Liberation 1944 uses the game engine of Arma II. If you see in Arma II then modifying the game was very easy. One could modify almost every object in the game. Many people have modified vehicles, aircrafts, buildings, area, props and weapons for the game. I think that it must also be easy to modify this game too. I don’t know any specific or appropriate way to do it. I know that many people must have even attempted to perform the modification but let’s wait till proper results are achieved. Arma II was a weaker game when it came to graphics and other stuff as compared to Iron Front - Liberation 1944. So we also need to see that modifying certain part of the game doesn’t change any other thing in it.

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    Re: Making new skins and maps for Iron Front - Liberation 1944

    I am also eager to know some way in which I can modify the content on Iron Front - Liberation 1944. I want to add numerous maps to the game. This game would be more fun if some urban map is added to it. Since the scenario is in the period of World War 2, I want to design a small town with houses and other buildings rising up to two floors in height. Also the buildings should be easily accessible. This would make the war more fun and complicated. If ever I learn to make maps for this game, my first map will be the urban one which I have mentioned. Also I will add some civilians who will run as soon as they hear gun shots. Some of the houses in this map will have their roofs close t o each other, so fight on the roof would be more fun.

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