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Thread: Proper national symbols should be used in Iron Front - Liberation 1944 game

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    Proper national symbols should be used in Iron Front - Liberation 1944 game

    I am currently playing Iron Front - Liberation 1944 on my PC and I noticed that the symbol used for the German army in this game is not proper. I being a German by nationality, find it difficult to see that our national symbol is not used properly. I know that reverse swastika was the symbol used by Adolf Hitler during World War 2 and he was an bad guy. But when the developers have made Iron Front - Liberation 1944 so realistic and want to show scenario of World War 2, then why have they missed out the symbol. One of my friend said that it is because many people hated and still hate Adolf Hitler. So use of actual symbol, that is, the reverse swastika could cause some controversy. What do other people who played Iron Front - Liberation 1944 think about the lack of actual symbols in this game?

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    Re: Proper national symbols should be used in Iron Front - Liberation 1944 game

    I don’t think that anybody in current time should be offended by the picture, symbol or due to any other representation of Adolf Hitler. He is history and so are his actions. I too think that due to lack of original symbols of Germany, this game has lost some touch of realism. I remember playing Wolfenstein 3D which released in year 2009 which had main enemies as Nazis with many part of the game’s environment having symbols, posters, banner and tapestries with reverse swastika on it. Recently a game by name Sniper Elite V2 released. In this game, we had to actually kill Adolf Hitler who was shown in the game. Now I never heard of these games coming under any controversy. I being an Indian and Hindu by Religion, Swastik is our religious symbol. I don’t think that there must be any reason of controversy that leads to use of improper symbol for German army in Iron Front - Liberation 1944. I think that developers, Deep Silver must release a patch which will replace all the plus symbols used for denoting German army during World War 2 by reverse swastika.

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