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Thread: Tuning utility for changing game settings in Risen 2: Dark Waters

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    Tuning utility for changing game settings in Risen 2: Dark Waters

    I am currently playing Risen 2: Dark Waters and I am having trouble setting the resolution of the game to custom resolution other than preset resolution provided by the developers for the game. Also I would like to have German as the audio language while subtitles in any other language. Is there any way to get it? I mean is there any patch or maybe a third party application for it. Even editing of the configuration file method will do. Does anybody know how to do it?

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    Re: Tuning utility for changing game settings in Risen 2: Dark Waters

    If you want a patch or feature which will allow you to edit the settings of game according to you, then there is a patch by name ‘Risen 2 Tune’. You can change the settings of the game that you will not be able to change from in game settings. It will allow you to set custom resolution, audio language, subtitle language, refresh rate for the game, type of camera you want to have and you can also set the auto save feature. It also has feature to set the vegetation settings in the game. You must have noticed that in many places the textures of the foliage tend to flicker. Also in some places, the big trees seem to be rotating to adjust to the camera of the user. Also these big trees scale to match the view of the gamer which actually seems wrong much of the time. If the settings of the foliage like the distance till which it should be clearly visible, quality of its texture and shadow generated by the foliage can be changed according to the user. It would be useful as it will be helpful to decrease the load on graphic card put by post processing rendering done for the foliage.

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    Re: Tuning utility for changing game settings in Risen 2: Dark Waters

    It will also provide other options like audio settings, options for mouse inversion in specific axis, focusing of camera, achievement log and many more things. I have attached the patch along with this comment. It is developed by LordOfWAR. Many times it happens that this patch won’t detect Risen 2: Dark Waters in your system. This is because this patch finds the Risen 2 folder in your system and searches for executable file for Risen 2: Dark Waters in it. So if in your system, if the executable file is created in some other folder like Bin32 or Data, you will need to copy it in main folder to make the patchwork properly.
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    Re: Tuning utility for changing game settings in Risen 2: Dark Waters

    There is one problem with this patch, actually we can’t blame the patch, but it has to work in that way. As we see that this patch allows running Risen 2: Dark Waters in custom resolution, one can run this game in a resolution that is not defined by the developers for the game. This means that textures won’t fit to the screen as per user’s resolution. This will actually help to fit the game in multi monitor system as we know Risen 2: Dark Waters doesn’t play on multi-monitor system by default. But when the user sets his own custom resolution, the game runs on the closest possible in game resolution provided by the developer. The textures are launched on that resolution and then stretched or squashed along the screen to fit it properly. So even if this patch provides custom resolution, setting it in resolution other than default resolution will lead to stretching and squashing of visuals. The textures will lose its quality and will look pixilated. Also the effects that take place on the texture will look bad.

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