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Thread: DLC to play as German Sniper killing American Soldiers in Sniper Elite V2

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    DLC to play as German Sniper killing American Soldiers in Sniper Elite V2

    Hello friends, I would like to know that DLC of this game will be having the German Sniper, such that if it is added then it will be really nice for us, such that we will be able to kill the American Soldiers. I also believe that it will be more fun and it should be same when American Sniper killing the German Soldiers. There will be plenty of the users who might be agreeing on this point. So does anyone is having any information that DLC will be having or not, please do share it with me. Thank you.

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    Re: DLC to play as German Sniper killing American Soldiers in Sniper Elite V2

    I do not that DLC will be having it or not but what I am know is that as a good sniper in this game we will have to follow certain mandatory rules if we want to get ahead. For example the first thing to do when you get a scenario is change to a suitable site and pulls binoculars to locate possible threats. It will be good idea to start flipping through the roof, since in almost any place in the highest bet is a shooter like us and we will be easy prey if it is one of our first victims, and then agree also set all enemy infantry swarm around the area. As we say binoculars are a great tool for this work, is that not only allow more zoom than the scope of our sniper rifle, but also allow us to mark with a red arrow on stage all the enemies we have "fixed" to discover their presence. This is useful since it is maintained at all times on all difficulty levels less than the highest, and while shooting an opponent's good to know where is the rest. The open fire with our sniper rifle will be easy with the aid and more difficult without them, but it is always an action that will require patience and good sense. With RB/R1 button pad on the console versions or with which assign the keyboard of your computer contentious breathing for a few seconds, which will help us improve our pulse that can be affected by a heart rate that is altered depending on the tense moments that suffer.

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    Re: DLC to play as German Sniper killing American Soldiers in Sniper Elite V2

    I do think that if the DLC will be having that thing then it will be very much nice and also very much helpful for the users to get it. If you just check out the storyline of this game then I do not think it can be done, it will be totally different and also it might be very much tough for us to do, I do know that it will be fun but it is not possible according to me. Even you see the game, and then according to that there will be very less Americans who will be purchasing this game and going for it. Sometimes I do believe that there might be chances to have a tiniest shred of patriotism for this game by the Americans.

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    Re: DLC to play as German Sniper killing American Soldiers in Sniper Elite V2

    I also agree with the above user and I feel that it might be not having those things in it. If you just check out the game then it is very much good, the main thing which I really like was the story mode. Story Mode is V2, despite the weakness of his narrative backdrop, the main supply of the new title from Rebellion. The duration could estimate it at about ten hours, although much will depend on the style we adopt playable. This is not the same user profile that likes to explore in depth scenarios, plan your tactics and take into account details such as distance or wind when aiming, than using the easiest difficulty mode and be limited to striking down all enemies with automatic weapons and traps. Sniper Elite is growing and is a much better game when we approach it from the first perspective, but the program does not leave room for those who enjoy third-person shooter experience pure and hard, but here the challenge is much less fun because of the control problems and the fact that his style is not designed for it.

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    Re: DLC to play as German Sniper killing American Soldiers in Sniper Elite V2

    Accompanying the story mode, as we say is the primary offer attractive terms and duration of the program, we have a number of ways on-line cooperative that helps extend your stay more drive on your console. The Cooperative Campaign name of the first alternative, which is not exactly an example from the story in game form, accompanied, but rather proposes a series of levels more or less inspired by that to overcome accompanied. In addition there are a number of challenges in the only way Without Pity, which will force us to stop wave after wave of enemies in some of the maps of the program. Likewise through the Internet the last alternative lies in the branch where we find multiplayer mode No Mercy, and other relatively similar, although with its own nuances as bombing and Caution ... The latter perhaps the worst of all because it forces us to divide the team of two in a user who shoot with the sniper rifle and one that uses only automatic weapons and exercised as a decoy and for that flag. Recall that the version compatible with a unique account in competitive mode for up to 12 users and dedicated servers, but given the rigors of the final version provided by Rebellion is the only alternative we have not had chance to try.

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