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Thread: Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

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    Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

    Hello friends I am having problems with the Demo of Sniper Elite V2, as I am not able to download it from steam. So I was searching for some query regarding this if anyone else has this kind of problem or only I am facing this problem. That time I came to know that I am not the only one there are many users who are facing this problems and some where I found a reply from a developer saying that they know that there is a problem regarding download of Sniper Elite V2 demo from steam and they told that they are looking in to this problem and will soon rectify this problem and then everyone would be able to download the Demo of Sniper Elite V2. And they have also told that there would be some kind of alternative to download this Demo version from some other platform pretty soon. SO I would like to know if anyone has downloaded this Demo version of Sniper Elite V2 and if yes then what do you think how is this game after playing the Demo version. Please give your feedback.

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    Re: Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

    Yes bro you are right even I am facing this kind of problem while downloading this game as when I try to download the Demo it gives me an error saying that the server is busy. I hope they give a good alternative as a third party download link so that everyone can enjoy the Demo Version of Sniper Elite V2. Even I am looking forward to know how this game is. So as the above user has asked I would also like to know if anyone has download this game and if yes then let us know whether you liked the game or not?

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    Re: Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

    I have just finished the demo a few times and I would say it's not bad. So, technically, it's been said again and again but hey this is not the top, but it's more than enough. No, the only "aesthetics" that annoyed me is the soundscape: it's a bit empty, the background music is very quiet, too and even the change of musical rhythm according to the intensity of the action is almost zero.

    Gameplay side, it was well thought out for a pad, it responds well and the sensitivity of the joystick default is spot on. A little trouble on some blankets and we want to err on the side of our right shoulder (but might be a posture out of range more convenient). Otherwise, animations and kill-cam are very friendly, nice acting awards when played at maximum difficulty.

    In this regard, at first glance, the difficulty is resolved when playing "full simulation", except that I think to be a very good player FPS, and I had little difficulty in my way at this level of difficulty (I knew the map, I had to do it 2 times just prior to the lower difficulty levels). The AI is interesting logical, not stupid (progression system by covering fire, always in motion or covered), a bit slow on some reactions (I find them somewhat "soft" to come and check a dead body in their field of view while walking head down) but unforgivable when you are in their sights. Two balls and it is death. While on our side, the machine gun doing their job too, if you have it in their hands and two gus through the door, you have time to align them without taking one, by cons, state of General warning, necessarily. In short, I think it's well balanced, as a player "average". In short: a good first impression, with few expectations / hopes: cards that offer more choice in the route, an RN who deserves to be a hair + "voluntary" when she spotted you, and if could complete it more, soundtrack: more dialogue between enemy soldiers, more than background noise (explosion, fire, etc). Some gameplay videos showing other Levels have already (apparently) met some of these expectations, I think I take it to its output.

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    Re: Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

    For now I like it pretty well, in full simulation is really enjoyable to have to check your body beats, etc. Level soundtrack I like it. Graphically against what is passable but too much aliasing I think. The AI ​​does good things I find, without being exceptional (for against AI I did not put the highest level in contrast to other settings). Negative points for me: when we ramp our character makes "bursts" at times, finally is a detail, and sometimes he gets up every time it seem by meeting an obstacle therefore likely to be spotted.

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    Re: Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

    I was able to download it easily, but now I think as it is giving some problem as one of my friend is also facing this problem as the above user have. I'll put notes according to what I think of the Demo.

    Gameplay: 15.5/20
    No flaws in handling the personage and his gun, in spite of everything I would have preferred a telescope equipped with "bar" and a larger zoom. The enemies spot us too easily, it's a shame.

    Graphics: 15/20
    It falls short of record implement beauty but enough for a game of this size. The soldiers are well modeled, the environment also. There are a lot of aliasing but we easily forgive this minor defect. X-ray vision is really interesting; too bad this is very brief.

    Soundtrack: 14/20
    The music is there, though a bit low. The sound for me is not a little embarrassed; I found the sound quite average that level. The sound of the weapon is not bad, I could not say more because I've never shot with this particular model.

    Lifespan: 14/20
    Apparently the mission was truncated because the hero tells of a bell and when the game is do not climb the tower. 11 different tasks, a multiplayer mode that has two game modes, killing and bombing. This should make the game a long service life, perhaps between five and ten hours (solo only)

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    Re: Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

    My opinion on the demo.
    I begin with the personal control that I find is very imposing and very heavy. The character is rigid and the movement but you get used to quickly and increase sensitivity, can improve a little bit that this default is not very important for me. The sets transcribe much of World War II with the half-destroyed houses in Berlin and this shade of dust with the sun is quite successful despite the look dated. Coming at the height of the graphics even though I will not stay on it to the top like many of you know. Here is exceeded, AC is more or less the way but hey it's a detail.

    Coming now to force Game the gameplay.
    This fuzzy action and infiltration result is that we feel and puts his eye to the telescope, happiness begins. I played at the elite level (for info). Already, the term personal breathing well and its boom bass. The hint above tells us the wind direction as well as elements of sets. The killcams, frankly are well made, at some point I aimed at the head of a German and you see the bullet crossing his eye and out from behind with lots of blood. There is nothing to say, its gore! It is rather aggressive and manages to advance us while others send us shots of deletions. I had a glimpse at his comrade wearing a German or treat on site. This is really huge. Level soundtrack, there is nothing to shout out the window but it road maintenance. A detail as is often heard explosions that can help us to kill a German with the sniper without it being noticed. In short it is a good game, really early in his announcement I had great doubts but when I see the result and it is not the final version. I'm glad there and play that evokes a little originality and happens to be a part of blockbusters galore.

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