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Thread: Prototype 2 looks more violent than previous version

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    Prototype 2 looks more violent than previous version

    I have just played a part of this game in my console and I feel that this game looks a bit violent. What do you all think about it, well personally speaking this is my opinion. I know the opinions might differ from a person to person. Still I want to know what do you all have to say about the same?

    Like if you take an example of a particular mission wherein if I use claws and blade arms. One fetch of the blade arms causes a lot of bloods to spill out and on the streets. Even the claws they are huge and gigantic. On piercing through the stomach does rupture out everything from the humans body. So all these things are clearly shown in the game which I don’t think so was in the case of prototype. I don’t remember exactly but it involved flying in the streets and attacking the enemies. It had the powers of destruction and all no doubt it is even there in this part as well but a bit more violence in prototype 2 that’s what I feel. So I have sketched out my opinion over here. now do tell me what do you all have to say about the same. I am waiting for the replies from your side do reply accordingly over here.

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    Re: Prototype 2 looks more violent than previous version

    Prototype 2 I think is a bit weak in the graphics section. If you look at the gameplay properly then you will get to know what I am talking over here. see the impact that we used to get when we kill a person or tear out the muscles in the first part is not to be seen in the second part. Now this is really frustrating to be frank. If you stab a person with a knife you will get to know the knife is not completely crossed the stomach in fact the half portion of the knife looks in the air and it is somewhat appearing to be quite funny it seems like we have attacked a enemy and we are not stabbing the enemy. We are stabbing the sky. All the other small things like the detailing of the blood spills, enemy attacks should have been properly mentioned. However the game has a large number of realistic gunfire, screams of pain, and large explosions. The detailed on zooming of the violence scenes and especially when the limbs are cut into two are a bit over the top which if avoided was ok. Still there are references to the sexual themes as well and that too not in the proper manner. That’s why I think the prototype 2 is a bit violent with its subject but looking at the graphics and the animations in it is a serious let down. That’s all I have for you.

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    Re: Prototype 2 looks more violent than previous version

    I think it is quite ok to have a gameplay of such nature if the first part of the game had a good amount of violence in it then it is but obvious that the sequel of that should have a double amount of violence in it. so developers on their part have ensured that the game will have a lot of violence in it but in the process of introducing a lot of violence in it they have actually forgotten to concentrate on the animation. The above guy pointed out quite correctly that the animation in some parts of the game were quite poor then how can it serve the justice to the people. People will be obviously having lots of expectations from this game but some of the close ups and hate dialogues are really of no use. The long shot angle of the james heeler going in the streets and killing the zombies, peoples, soldiers and others are quite brilliantly shown but when it comes to the close ups they aren’t worked on properly. They have tried to show each and every minute detail of the human body in bloods and all but they were unsuccessful in that. So that’s the sad part of the game. Rest the weapons and the story line is quite superb. We do get to see a whole lot of new actions in the game such as breaking the tank and performing some moves on the flying helicopter, those are some of the best moments in the game that I loved it. talking about the violence it is shown in many parts of the game but the presence of close camera angles makes it a bit akward. That’s all I have to say here.

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