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Thread: Need of players on Insane mode and missing level 2 hats in Shoot Many Robots

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    Need of players on Insane mode and missing level 2 hats in Shoot Many Robots

    I am currently playing the game on Insane mode and this time I want to collect all the collectibles in the game. I have almost collected all the items except for few rare ones that too of level 50. I know these rare items will be found on later stages, but I am stuck on the adventure 14 which seems impossible to pass in Single Player mode. I went online to search for some more players for co-op mode, but couldn’t find appropriate ones for adventure 14. Also in my collection of hats, two level 2 hats are missing. One of my friends has them; 9-Gallon Hat and the Farmtown Redhelmets. I wanted to ask, where can I find these hats and what are their attributes? Can someone help me solve this problem?

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    Re: Need of players on Insane mode and missing level 2 hats in Shoot Many Robots

    The Farmtown Redhelmets which you are searching for is found on Happy Nut Road - Farm Town on Normal Difficulty. It is a very common item and you will find it very often here. Attributes of this cap is that it increases speed by 21% and adds 1 value to Slam Power. I have a 9-Gallon Hat, but I can’t remember where I found it. It enhances health of your character by 40%.
    I know the problem of getting players for Adventure 14 on Insane mode. It is the most difficult level in the game and no one wants to enter it again. It can be easily passed on Easy and normal difficulty, but on Insane mode it is next to impossible. Those who have passed it don’t want to face it again and others have already become bored of the game and left. Many times you will also find that some player joins in and then leaves the game mid way. It is because they find it too difficult. I have completed Adventure 14 on Insane mode in group of four players. Let me tell you, this level needs very experienced and hardcore players who won’t quit easily. Also you will need to accumulate many weapons from past levels and will need to use them in adventure 14. You can complete the previous adventures using weak weapons and store the big and powerful ones for adventure 14, it is the only way. It is better to have known friends with whom you can communicate while on adventure 14 as it needs a good level of team co-ordination.

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    Re: Need of players on Insane mode and missing level 2 hats in Shoot Many Robots

    The factor that makes Adventure 14 so difficult is lack of open spaces and too much requirement for jumping. Lack of open space makes it difficult to move and evade enemy’s oncoming attacks. Also getting blocked by props and need for jumping breaks player’s concentration that is needed to fight the enemies. I suggest that you store as many level 50 weapons possible. You can play worker city 2 over and over again as it generates most of the level 50 items. When I completed Adventure 14 on Insane mode, I was carrying Demon Bag, Founding Fathers and SMR backpack with me. Another player in the group in which I was playing used an Ffffffffuuuuuuuu……. Bomb, used it on boss and some other big robots, with damage of 3417-6834, it finished them at the moment it exploded. Also try using clothes for the character that increases the health. Your team needs to have a good strategy to finish this robot. For example, our team strategy was to stick in one part of screen and let the robots come to us instead of us chasing them. Do not let any of your team mates get separated as the robots will concentrate their attack on him. Use Cerberus Missiles for the flying robots, have at least one team mate carry it and use it.

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    Re: Need of players on Insane mode and missing level 2 hats in Shoot Many Robots

    I suggest you to have costume that increases the damage. The best lower body costume part for this purpose is Lifeguard’s Banana Hammock. When I was on Adventure 14 in Insane mode, my damage was 3500%. Also carry around nine beers on you character. In Adventure 14, you will find a barrel with ‘?’ symbol on it. It will have lot of weapons, but most of them will be common once and will seem to be useless on Adventure 14, but with good damage capabilities of your character, even they will prove to be worthy. If you will be depending on speed to avoid the robots, then you can use Queztacoatlus SMG as it provides good damage and also maintains movement speed. To summarize, you team needs to have a very excellent communication to maintain co-ordination and a well-planned strategy. To implement this strategy, you need good weapons and costumes.

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