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Thread: Mass Effect 3: Veteran packs or spectre packs

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    Mass Effect 3: Veteran packs or spectre packs

    Hi all, I need some suggestion/opinion from you people. I am playing the Mass Effect 3 and want to ask that if it worth to get the spectre packs or should I stick with the Veteran packs only. I am not able to determine that which one is better for me. If you can post our thoughts for this then I will be really thankful for you people. I was searching for this on google but then also failed to determine between these two and so I am posting over here. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you so much in advance for reading and posting your thoughts about this in advance.

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    Re: Mass Effect 3: Veteran packs or spectre packs

    My suggestion to you is to get the Veteran packs if you require having a lot of equipment in the game and if you wish to unlock rares then you can go for the spectre packs. I wasted a lot of credits with the specters and that makes me very much disapointed through the rare guns. The difficulty is the weight, you require them to be elevated level otherwise you are shooting yourself in the foot. I have begun with investing in Veteran packs instead, and my Viper VIII as well as Phalanx IX is a much superior kit as compared to the Black Widow I. I hope that this will be helpful to you.

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    Re: Mass Effect 3: Veteran packs or spectre packs

    I think that it totallydepend on hat you wish to do in the game. If you use the Veteran Packs then that will unlock your uncommon intended for fewer credits. But this will make the making Silver and Gold matches simpler. With the help of this it become simple to get the credits so that we can purchase the Spectre Packs and that will unlock the rares and ultra-rares. If you are attempting to unlock a particular rare character otherwise weapon then then it will be better for you to go for the Spectre Packs. This also applies the same if you wish to unlock every item through the minimum credit expenditure. But I would like to tell you that the Premium Spectre Packs are the best bargain at the time.

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