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Thread: very choppy sound at cutscenes in Yesterday Game

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    very choppy sound at cutscenes in Yesterday Game

    I am running Windows 7 and I have a REALTEK AC97 AUDIO onboard on my system. Now after installing this game Yesterday, I noticed that everytime when there is a cutscene in the gameplay, the sound gets very choppy and its creating a very irritating sound which is unbearable. I had gone to the Realtek website and downloaded the latest audio driver for my windows 7 as well, but it doesnt seems to work. Is this a game bug with the REALTEK AC97 AUDIO that we have onboard on our machine or with every other sound cards? Is there anyone else who is also facing this same issue and has already rectified it, I would like to hear the solution for sure, as I am getting very eager to play this game, but with the choppy sound I cannot. Please help.

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    Re: very choppy sound at cutscenes in Yesterday Game

    There is an updated audio driver available for REALTEK HD AUDIO for windows 7 that you can download from here. Simply download it and save it on your hard disk. After that just run Vista_Win7_R267.exe and follow the instructions given on the screen.

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    Re: very choppy sound at cutscenes in Yesterday Game

    It is a driver bug. You will require to remove multiple audio drivers from your system. It is very common that sometime we add more than one drivers in the system which generate this kind of problem. You will require to remove additional one. This would be enough to fix the problem. For that you can go in Control Panel and checkout different drivers installed. From that you can remove Realtek one. And also remove audio enhancement tools from the system. This are also great enough to make your system audio more perfect and appropriate.

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    Re: very choppy sound at cutscenes in Yesterday Game

    Re-installing the drivers is enough to get rid of this issue. Sometime outdated or damage drivers are common enough to give this issue. So the first thing you can do is simply go in Device Manager. For that right click on My Computer > Manage > Device Manager. Go to the Sound, Video and Game Controller section. You can see different audio controllers in that. Right click on each fo them and uninstall all. Restart your pc. By default Windows will try to install the drivers. If not then you can download that from web by going on the website of your motherboard manufacturer.

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