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Thread: Trapped in sand in journey game

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    Trapped in sand in journey game

    Hello friends, when I was transitioning from one level to the next when I was riding one of the carpet creatures. When doing that then it has dropped me in over my head, whereas I was able to see my cape and not able to move, even I have pressed pause and jump button then also it does not work. I'll I can do use move the camera around. Can't figure it out, please help me with this. Thank you.

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    Re: Trapped in sand in journey game

    Well that is really bad and it is not at all good to hear it and it is hard to say what it is and whereas we are at GDC and not seated in front of code. But luckily since you immediately changed levels and also you will be able to restart the game and continue from where you left off, it is really unlucky that you will be disconnected from whoever you were journeying with, though.

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    Re: Trapped in sand in journey game

    Well when I was on third playthrough, in the part where you come across the cloth creatures, I got trapped in the sand too. I was riding one of them and it buried itself in the sand, just going though in circles. I was not able to jump off or ping off for about a minute or so and only top part of mine was visible. Basically I was able to managed to get free from there, though I was mashing buttons at that point so due to which I was not sure which trick has worked and also how. Nothing game breaking, it was actually rather comical, though I imagine it could be infuriating some.

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