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Thread: Saints Row vs Grand Theft Auto

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    Saints Row vs Grand Theft Auto

    I have played Saints Row as well as Grand Theft Auto games. Both are sandbox games with both of them having their characters playing villain or negative roles. But still Grand theft Auto seems realistic while Saints Row seems Comic and exaggerated. Which is the better one among them?

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    Re: Saints Row vs Grand Theft Auto

    Grand Theft Auto was one of the first games to have open world gameplay. From the beginning Grand Theft Auto has darker and meaner characters. They have maintained the realistic feel in its game. Saints row 1 & Saints Row 2 too were realistic like Grand Theft auto but In Saints Row the Third; it was made with a humorous feel. It had exaggerated Weapons, abilities and missions, Humorous dialogs. Even the bad activities are presented in comic manner.

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    Re: Saints Row vs Grand Theft Auto

    If compared with Grand Theft Auto, Saint Row the Third provides variety of different missions. Though exaggerated, it provides more challenge to players than Grand Theft Auto does.

    The modification for character, vehicles & Weapons are more than Grand Theft Auto. One can create custom character. The cars can be modified physically as well as their performance can be upgraded. The weapons provide enough modification to convert SMG into flame thrower and make pistol strong enough to bring down Helicopters from sky.

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