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Thread: No more Zombies in Resident Evil Revelations

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    No more Zombies in Resident Evil Revelations

    about this particular game I found that there will not be more Zombies in the game any more. Is that true? Or go wrong information about the above mentioned topic. If you are having any useful information then let me know about the same.

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    Re: No more Zombies in Resident Evil Revelations

    According to me there should be exploding barrels after the releasing of RE3. I do agree that there are no Zombies available in the game. I have noticed some of the situation where gamer are running out from the ammo in the various situation. They are supposed to be quite terrible to hitting the target.

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    Re: No more Zombies in Resident Evil Revelations

    Well I am having feeling about the game is that when the boss is getting into the room would get the bunch of the ammo. They will upgrade their ammo and key to nearby door in order to complete the chapter. cockroach water enemy is the one who need to running from the order to take out of the damage. Difficulty setting for the ammo was supposed to be valuable resources but the main thing is that players are supposed to be into reactionary state.

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    Re: No more Zombies in Resident Evil Revelations

    I can figure out that none of the bosses in the game allow you to run. There are lots of situation where there should be degree of the gun play. Yawn is supposed to be defeated at the time of second encounter. If you have included Remake then Lisa is avoidable in all of the situation. Neptune in the game was optional and you can easily electrocute him. You have to shoot him for the 40+ handguns rounds. You can also select an option to view from the glass half full. I wanted to tell you that you can avoid Neptune in the game.

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