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Thread: How to enable first person mode in postal 3

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    How to enable first person mode in postal 3

    anyone have any idea how can i enable the person mode in postal 3. i see many people enable 1st person mode through console commands, but this is not actually wirks at all. anyobne have any idea how can i do this? this game is really nice but need to know about some factors. so please if anyone here who can help me, is must appritiated....

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    Re: How to enable first person mode in postal 3

    I am currently playing The Witcher in 1st person via a mod and as a 1st person game The Witcher is most Excellent. For me it has brought the story to life and adds realism and immersion the game would not have in 3rd person. People who do not experience The Witcher in 1st person are really missing out IMO. i too loved Postal 2 and it is one of my all time favorites. I spoke with some folks in the Postal community before the RWS forums went down and they said they vowed to make a 1st person mod for Postal 3.

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    Re: How to enable first person mode in postal 3

    Postal II was one of my all-time favorite time waster/stress-reliever/good-for-a-laugh games and I'd really like to try this new one out but, quite honestly, not unless it can be played in 1st person. 3rd person simply isn't immersive enough for me and honestly, it just isn't a "FPS" if it isn't "FP".

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    Re: How to enable first person mode in postal 3

    being it's made in Source Engine I would bet my life it will be possible. Just like with every other source game getting to the dev console is one key stroke away and then a few basic commands should do it. Even if it's not that easy I'm sure a mod will come out quickly after to make it first person.

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    Re: How to enable first person mode in postal 3

    yes you are right, first person will probably be available in the commands or via a mod.

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    Re: How to enable first person mode in postal 3

    I imagine like all Source game the command will undoubtedly be(command: "sv_cheats 1"), then by typing (command: "thirdperson") will enable third person, although this might affect the Achievement statistics Steam is providing to the Postal III game.

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    Re: How to enable first person mode in postal 3

    Turns out it was somewhat abit more complicated then just using the "firstperon" and "thirdperson" commands that is provided through console.. camera just flips on its ass when you toggle between the 2.

    Spent a good 8-10 hours on this last night and I only managed to get the cam in a position where you could see the inside of Postal Dude's head. Not playable by my standards. After having another look this morning, I managed to come across someone else's camera.cfg file and got abit of guidance. And with abit more tweaking, I think I've managed to get it to a semi playable state.

    Now keep in mind its not perfect and I guess it'll just have to do until something else comes up. There are still moments holding different weapons while running and looking down that you see Postal Dude's model, not much I can do about that...

    I've also got some multi thread cpu commands running which you can see at the bottom, you might wanna delete these from the list. I've also added 2 bind key commands to 2 buttons on my mouse which allows me to sometimes zoom out when I wanna see Postal Dude's animations.

    I cant believe that there was such a lack of information regarding this on the net, makes me feel like the net is dying. Just full of outofdate websites with dead links.

    Ok so here it is, since I wouldnt know where the hell to post the file I'll just copy paste the code here. And all you have to do is create a autoexec.cfg file in the cfg folder which resides inside the p3 folder.

    So p3 folder> cfg folder> create autoexec.cfg

    The 2 binds at the end for LEFTARROW and RIGHTARROW keys are shortcuts because for some reason p3_cam_distance_max/min wont execute from the autoexec file. You need to reapply the "50" values every time the game loads.

    sv_cheats 1
    p3_cam_offset_view "65 0 0"
    p3_cam_offset_body "0 0 62.604"
    p3_cam_distance "0"
    p3_cam_burst_idealpitch "9"
    p3_cam_burst_idealpitch_speed "5"
    p3_cam_offset_changespeed "500"
    p3_cam_fov "115"
    p3_cam_fov_changespeed "500"
    p3_cam_pitch_max "43"
    p3_cam_pitch_min "-50"
    p3_cam_distance_min "50"
    p3_cam_distance_max "50"
    p3_cam_distance_changespeed "500"
    p3_cam_collision_enabled "0"

    //motion blur
    mat_motion_blur_falling_intensity "20"
    mat_motion_blur_falling_min "1.7"
    mat_motion_blur_falling_max "15"

    // Aiming cam
    p3_cam_aim_switchtime "0.15"
    p3_cam_aim_offset_view "70 0 0"
    p3_cam_aim_offset_body "0 0 70"
    p3_cam_aim_fov "45"
    p3_cam_aim_distance "10"

    // Cover Cam
    p3_cam_cover_switchtime "0.3"
    p3_cam_cover_offset_view "0 0 0"
    p3_cam_cover_offset_body_high "0 0 60"
    p3_cam_cover_offset_body_low "0 0 50"
    p3_cam_cover_offset_face "5"
    p3_cam_cover_offset_look "10"
    p3_cam_cover_fov "40"
    p3_cam_cover_distance_min "150"
    p3_cam_cover_distance_max "120"

    // Cover Aim Cam
    p3_cam_cover_aim_offset_body_low_l "0 25 40"
    p3_cam_cover_aim_offset_body_low_r "0 -20 40"
    p3_cam_cover_aim_offset_body_low_cl "0 5 55"
    p3_cam_cover_aim_offset_body_low_cr "0 -5 55"
    p3_cam_cover_aim_offset_body_high_l "0 25 60"
    p3_cam_cover_aim_offset_body_high_r "0 -20 60"

    p3_cam_burst_offset_view "0 0 8"
    p3_cam_burst_offset_body "-15.089 -13.225 36.3"
    p3_cam_burst_idealpitch "12"
    p3_cam_burst_idealpitch_speed "45"
    p3_cam_burst_fov "75"
    p3_cam_burst_fov_changespeed "55"
    p3_cam_burst_distance "72.301"

    p3_cam_segway_distance_min "120"
    p3_cam_segway_distance_max "160"

    // Some multi thread cpu settings that you might want to delete if you dont //have a multi thread cpu
    mat_queue_mode 2
    r_threaded_particles 1
    r_threaded_renderables 1
    snd_mix_async 1

    // Binds 2 keys on mouse to zoom in and out of first person for the //convienience of seeing your character's animations
    // in some situations
    bind "MOUSE4" "p3_cam_distance_max 145"
    bind "MOUSE5" "p3_cam_distance_max 50"

    // Due the p3_cam_distance_max/min not working apon starting the game, //I've binded 2 keys for shortcut
    bind "LEFTARROW" "p3_cam_distance_min 50"
    bind "RIGHTARROW" "p3_cam_distance_max 50"

    I hope this helps everyone enjoy the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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