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Thread: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Destruction is not underpowered

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    Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Destruction is not underpowered

    That obvious when you increase the difficulty level the game becomes more tougher to play as it needs better stats to reach a goal. Some part in this game are disappointing which we all cn notice. Like magical power used in the game are sometime of no use. I had seen dragon firing fire makes him more dangerous for troops to deal with. Also as the level rises the attack increases. Some creatures are simply overpowered like the werewolf in the first level.

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    Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Destruction is not underpowered

    There is a ton of things that you guys are not taking into consideration about destruction spells and mage in general. First off...enchantments. If you simply enchant your gear right you can throw out destruction spells for 0 mana cost. That puts you at a distinct advantage over any melee character who will rely on both mana and Stamina. So even if 50 points is max dmg...that's a constant 50 points of dmg with no end. Combine that with a dual cast aoe fireball...I call that OP. Combine that with restoration at 0 casting cost and now you CA. Heal for days. Melee can't do that. I mean we could if we wanted to develop that...but then we wouldn't be melee. Mage are also versitile characters. One simply cannot rely on only one school of magic and expect to survive. You throw out fireballs...summon monsters...deadra for Christ's sake...pop off some stone skin...drink a potion that boosts destruction spells by 50%..throw out some frost spells to slow our speed and sap our stam...electric spells to drain have no idea how a well played mage can be absolutely devistating. Put all your points into health...wear heavy armor and cast destruction and restorat ion spells for free and you will never want to play melee again. You cannot discount a mage just because a spell says only 50 damage...there are so many other variables in play that can easily make mage a very OP character in Skyrim.

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