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Thread: When RIFT available in 3D

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    When RIFT available in 3D

    Does anybody know that when the Rift MMo wull be added to the 3d vision games list? I have waiting for this moment and I don’t know when it will come handy. I have already ordered the game and I have seen that many games are continually adding to the 3D game list.

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    Re: When RIFT available in 3D

    To have myself tested to date Rift is not at all compatible with 3D vision. I confirm on an MMO that's really not that great, the 3D sensation is very average, more than half ca down graphics performance of CG and 3D glasses worn for hours is not very comfortable. I prefer to play without.

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    Re: When RIFT available in 3D

    Rift is set in the world of Telara where the landscape is constantly changing through inter dimensional Rifts. Tears flow from these evil monsters that the player must fight and out of season. Eight major powers struggle for domination of the then unstable country. The player chooses a course in this setting your own class, as part of the Guardians of the magically gifted Defiant, which means the Ascended Soul system is expanded. Like in World of Warcraft MMO will Rift with quests, PvP battles between players and "epic raids".

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    Re: When RIFT available in 3D

    I come to you to share with you a little amusing discovery, the ability to play 3D Rift. The technique is rather old but generally forgotten, preferring to release its Nvidia 3D Vision instead of this simple system. For users of nvidia:

    Open your NVIDIA Control Panel and go to the "Stereoscopic 3D Settings". Activate the 3D by checking the checkbox, execute the setup wizard, and all roll! Once your settings, it'll just get the red / cyan glasses you can find easily on the net or in packages of cereal, and you can enjoy Rift in 3D.

    Well, not everything is rosy. This is not recommended for long hours of play and I think if you have a default view, you cannot see 3D properly, but it's still fun and the experience is to try.

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    Re: When RIFT available in 3D

    In my opinion you should get by with a less expensive nb, I have an Intel Q6600 2.4 Ghz, 8 GB of RAM and a GTX275 and I go to high details without any problems if you choose Nvidia and ATI with several people have had problems with framerate, not a case that has as its official partner of Nvidia Rift

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