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Thread: which zombie map is the best in COD?

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    which zombie map is the best in COD?

    Hey my question to the entire zombie player out there as I have played several games in Zombies and tried several maps but couldn’t let myself decide which among all of them is the best suited. So I am stuck with the choice that which map I should play as I want to play the best possible map on Zombie and I want to hear it from you people and want to know about your experiences. So guys do help me and share your experiences with me here. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: which zombie map is the best in COD?

    Dear pal, I would like to suggest you in this regard that You just go for it as I love Der Riese because it just has that good sensation to it that you can constantly play again it. Nacht is good too but once you get to a certain level it's ugh. D: s”Shi No Numa” I didn't like cause it was too huge and you didn't actually have a smudge to camp and slay them. I just didn't like the feel of it. It’s nothing like any of them are bad, But I'm just saying.

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    Re: which zombie map is the best in COD?

    Ascension on Black Ops is most likely is a good map! Will the lenders it makes it amusing and it's enormous! Call of the Dead is a deprived excuse for a zombie map in many conduct but it is fun! Best one for me has to be the unique kino der toten as it is a map that I am habitual of and call of the dead has to be my poorest map because the map is hard to comprehend. Go through all these map and find a suitable one for yourself I hope You will have your problem solved. All the best!

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    Re: which zombie map is the best in COD?

    Kino all the way is my favorite! I love it, about all I play. Not a admirer of five ascension is fun, adore the flopper, when it goes well correct xD the new one, ashigra dfiuosfjoifh whatever it is, is pretty fun. The new gun to twist zombies small is a blast, but in all Kino takes the trophy. Ascension has been striking so far, looking ahead to Moon as well. on the other hand, if you want to talk about pre-Black Ops, maybe Verrucht as it was the first to be innovated

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    Re: which zombie map is the best in COD?

    But my list is this: Der Riese: Just since i liked that u could improve ur arms and i like the feeling of it Zombie Vurruct: everybody says this is the worst map there is... well i dont know why i like this map, it might be because i liked when there was two guys on the other side and you two on ur side and i liked covering my guys with the mp40 at the begging at the top Shi No Numa: I just considered this one was to I don’t know weird and could have been a better map i liked how the wunderwaffe came in place. Nacht De Untoten: I merely play this map when i cant play Der Riese, Vurruct or shi no numa no comment.Von Der Reich: This map has not came out yet but i know it will be the best of the best Period.

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