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Thread: list of bugs and suggestions in steam for MAC

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    list of bugs and suggestions in steam for MAC

    Hello guys; I have found that there are lots of bugs in the steam with over the MAC and I want to discuss about it and have a good suggestions over it, so this is an invitation for all the steam player who have found there bugs and all please share it over here and lets come up with some suggestions which would be helping all the users and player to get rid of them or come up with some solution if they can?

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    Re: list of bugs and suggestions in steam for MAC

    Well this would be a really nice thread if we all would be coming up with a nice suggestions and all the bugs would be covered lets try to make it one of the useful thread for the steam user the first thing I have found is there have been number of problem with the high cpu usage and all. I have even saw that the hide function which has been seem to work nicely at the aside from one thing but whenever someone who is on your friend list is goes in the game at that time all the hidden steam windows just unhide and the notifications start irritating by popping up.

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    Re: list of bugs and suggestions in steam for MAC

    Hello I would like to say both of them separately which some of them I have found been troubling so they would be like
    • I have found the problem with the notifications, they just turn black just before getting disappeared
    • Now the nest thing which I have found is the fontd process which has been causing the high CPU loads and they are more hectic when they are tried to disabled, when we try to disable all of them all the third party fonts and steam still keeps that process at a very high level.
    • Now the last thing which I have found is the problem with the side scrolling they don’t work.
    Now lets talk about some of the suggestion which I would like to give is
    • They should be adding a check box to the GPU which would prefer the warning windows.
    • Also I would be asking to add the option which would be allowing choosing the weather steam has a DOCK Icon or a Menu Extra icon or both text field and then the yellow button should be disabled when they are in appropriate.

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    Re: list of bugs and suggestions in steam for MAC

    The two bugs which I have been came across with is that the steam has been judging if we are away or not exclusively on our activities with the client, and none of the activities is been carried in the OS that time the server browser does not displays the server that would be only friends are in the displays a lot others. And then I would make two suggestions and would like the customer uses more than one file icon and the other would be sucking on displacement, but apparently that is fixed by the Cocoa framework and if it is aware of suggestions that would make would not be a good change in the steam.

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    Re: list of bugs and suggestions in steam for MAC

    Hey I have also saw something and well it’s the time to speak about it I have found that the text which is for the achievement or for the friends who have been owning the game, and when we hover the mouse over them we are not able to see any change and they don’t even appear. And now the next thing which I have found is that when the screen has been started and the screen savers start at that time it would be pausing all the current downloads. Now at this point the large button resume is not responding which is on the download page.

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    Re: list of bugs and suggestions in steam for MAC

    I must add that the valve between the criteria in the shop Steam parameters such as "Play Steam games support" and the ability to search for "Games for Windows", "games for Mac" or "Games for Windows and Mac. Something what I have found is here the default game directory is been in the path ~/Documents/Steam Content/ and they should be moved normally to ~/Games/Steam Content or it should be giving the user some ability to change the directory.

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    Re: list of bugs and suggestions in steam for MAC

    The server browser does not show servers that are only friends, that shows many of the others. a second that I've found is Writing bug is still present in the ENTER / Return key does not send a message, but adds line breaks, this happens because the key seems to be stuck CMD V so urgent it is pasted to the clipboard etc. Now this would be the suggestion of some of them first would be the customer uses more than one icon file. The Dock icon looks strange compared to all other icon in my Dock. It is too big or something. Just does not look very "legitimacy", you must follow these steps and then I think we can be more perfect for the insurance.

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