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Thread: Game client freezes in Scarlet Legacy

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    Game client freezes in Scarlet Legacy

    My problem is that when I open the Scarlet Legacy Launcher then all works fine. I can boot game, however while I try to log in it unexpectedly freezes and says game not responding etc and it doesn't get well after waiting. So I have to force to close that. I know that I am not able to login, however I was expecting the error message and not the entire client freezing. It's bugging me since if I try to login at cbt start and I occur to press login a minute earlier than the server has in fact been launched, I will have to restart the whole thing which is going to consume time. I am having the Windows 7 installed on my computer.

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    Re: Game client freezes in Scarlet Legacy

    I would like to tell you that the developers are still working on upgrading the server to permit more people to login at the same time. I got this answer as of them when I complaint them regarding this. If you're freezing when you're trying to login, this is because of the large amount of people also attempting to login. For now, all you can perform is to keep trying until you login. If you are experiencing any additional errors otherwise issues then please post that in detail what they are and we'll try to give you solution for this.

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    Re: Game client freezes in Scarlet Legacy

    Reinstalling the game can be one of the possible solutions for this. If you are not getting the solution for this then just uninstall that from your computer and after that install it over again. This will make all the new files for the game and so if the problem was due to some corrupted file then this time you will not get that problem. This is the only thing that I can suggest you for the time and hope that this will help you.

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    Re: Game client freezes in Scarlet Legacy

    I also have the similar problem, all the things works fine but once I hit the enter button to login then the client freezes. I have Tried with win xp compatibility and on extra pc's even reinstalled that 2 times but nothing works please someone come with a answer cause CBT is not already for 1 hour and 47 min. up and I actually want to play. Why don’t they give is a way to solve this. There are some people who are through the similar problem.

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    Re: Game client freezes in Scarlet Legacy

    You guys are missing the point here that this problem (client freeze subsequent to login, so not the error) has been reported to many of the sites and yet it is still there is no available solution for this. I am not able to recognize that how could this probably have something to do with an exact amount of people trying to login. That whole thought type of baffles me. What also strikes me as strange is the truth that they keep posting on twitter and facebook but do not contact to the customer support.

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    Re: Game client freezes in Scarlet Legacy

    That cannot be right before login must select a server, the day after a patch on the client that loaded it and was able to select a server, only thing is, the client froze after trying to register of in so I doubt there's anything to do with servers, or as you say there is no server. This seems like most estimates the capacity of its servers, and now the login server cannot handle the enormous number of players, or the main server, just hold (or both).

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