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Thread: Discussion on Fallout New Vegas

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    Discussion on Fallout New Vegas

    I want all of you to post your Fallout three discussions here. I am starting this thread so have a good discussion on the Fallout New Vegas. So please share all the things as you enjoyed the game or planning to buy it. Other than this also share the things that you liked regarding the game and the things that you don’t liked about that and want to remove that. Basically I want you to share your experience with the game play here.

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    Re: Discussion on Fallout New Vegas

    New Vegas is so far like Fallout 1 and 2 than Fallout 3. Specifically the (off-radio) music is more advanced than it is supposed to. The RPG-viewpoint is substantially more accurate to the old diversions. These are much more similar to the Fallout- and well-recorded, and not dumbed for "easy" gamers with a consideration span of 3.5 seconds who fear they're no longer cool if they play a motion picture event for something greater than 10 moments straight. Finally, Fallout 3 actually felt shallow and gimmicky contrasted with its progenitors. At the same time New Vegas figures out how to catch the setting much preferable, and unequivocally feels significantly more genuine.

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    Re: Discussion on Fallout New Vegas

    The faction framework about sureties at any rate replays as it is. If you side up with one huge faction, you basically being kind through the others and lose access to their journeys. You would be able to play unbiased, but this is yet an additional enticing replay that rejects conceivable outcomes. The way that its event over when you complete the essential mission as a matter of fact makes considerably more sense in New Vegas than it did in outcome-liberate Fallout 3, seeing as how you could not investigate the entire diversion with the same element due to the scaffolds.

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    Re: Discussion on Fallout New Vegas

    If you want to deal with radscorpions then you need armor-piercing ammunition. They have high damage threshold, so almost anything I like 1 damage per shot. Hollow point ammunition is also good to keep around if you run into heavy losses DT objectives. But it is not so effective. I only use them against nightkin like HP guys are crazy, like not doing enough damage to DT and the need to go very quickly. It's a good idea to stay away from melee opponents if you want your armor to stay in one piece. Just as visible land mines, hidden mines are now hardly visible.

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    Re: Discussion on Fallout New Vegas

    New Vegas itself was pretty darn small considering that the main focus of the game. DC was much larger in comparison. I was expecting to see a big band full of casinos, however, was 3 and a neighborhood casino. Why was only 3 games casino? And for the largest city in the Mojave Desert she felt a little dead. Not a single table that is. If you're lucky, almost always win or break even on blackjack, hardly ever going to lose.

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    Re: Discussion on Fallout New Vegas

    Run out and explore as they did in Fallout 3 is usually punished with a swift and brutal death related Deathclaw. As New Vegas is more history to Fallout 3, it is best to find the missions sent to explore the dungeons just by chance. You can not kill a dead redscorpion without hitting the giver seeking Fallout: New Vegas so it's not a problem. Most if not all cells seem to have one or more missions related to them.

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