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Thread: How to install .img format games

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    How to install .img format games

    Today I have just downloaded a game from the Torrent. I know that it is illegal but I didn’t get any other way to install that game. I have downloaded the game successfully. The downloaded file was a folder. When I open up the folder I have seen that there are only .img .ccd .sub format files inside it. I have utilized clone drive software in order to mount the game on top of a virtual drive except following that inside that drive there are just files but no installation or executable files and no straight play software. So can anyone tell me how can I play this game on my Windows XP?

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    Re: How to install .img format games

    So usually when you download from emule or other Syrians as a daemon tools go to download format img, nrg, iso image formats and you have to assemble them with a virtual CD program (alcohol, daemon tools) and then go to install as you insert a cd key uses only whole disk. If the download format is rar archive format to save disk space. Unzip with winrar, winzip or install from the folder and after the game or if it does not work, do a cd / dvd and it is very easy after you have installed a virtual CD daemon tools and I suggest very simple just install and fit the 'image .

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    Re: How to install .img format games

    Here is the step by step procedure to play your downloaded game and it is very easy too:
    • Download the latest version of Daemon Tools Lite;
    • Start the installation; you must restart the computer after;
    • Open the program, go to the tray-bar (where the Windows clock) and then right click on the icon of Daemon Tools Lite (white circle with a lightning blue), move around and Virtual Devices -> Drive - > Mount Image ...;
    • Select the *. img files (or any other supported file type, are all listed in the list below) that you want to mount and wait a moment!
    • Now in My Computer (Computer on Windows Vista / 7) there will be a new CD / DVD-ROM ISO image files. Daemon Tools Lite supports not only *. img files, but also many others,

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    Re: How to install .img format games

    In order to play the .img format or any different format game which are not executable or installation format then you need to get the poweriso software for your computer. Download this program, you will get it from free and after that restart the system. Now mount those game files just akin to real cds apart from that that downloaded ones hold cracks to make use of these do this. Now head toward your cd directory walk off to crack directory. Copy the .exe files go to the game real directory and past the file. Now.

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    Re: How to install .img format games

    Nowadays it is not hard to find any kind of software or program for windows computer in order to convert the file from one format to another. However if you can convert it then also you will get the alternative way to extract the file or folder so that you can use it in different manner. The main thing what you need to find it how to extract the files from that img file. Then copy those files to the proper directory. Otherwise as someone said you need to create a disk using that file by the use of special software, Some torrent downloaded games will not work proper. You should know about that.

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    Re: How to install .img format games

    MagicDisc is freeware essential CD/DVD-ROM from MagicISO which permits users to make use of approximately each and every one CD/DVD image devoid of burning them onto CD otherwise DVD with the intention of effortlessly access your preferred games, music, otherwise software programs. MagicDisk works similar to a genuine CD/DVD-ROM, where users are able to run programs, play games, otherwise pay attention to music from virtual CD-ROM. By the use of virtual CD/DVD-ROM, users have the additional benefit of runnuing game images at in excess of 200x quicker than from a predictable CD/DVD-ROM.

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