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Thread: How to change the city in Sims 3

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    How to change the city in Sims 3

    Hi I am playing this game from last few months now the thing here is that I want to change the city in which I am in the game. But I really don’t know how to do the same. I mean I am boar of playing the game in the same city. Now the thing here is that I want to change it but which is the perfect way to do it. So please help me in this case and let me know what I can do to get rid of the problem that I am facing in this game.

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    Re: How to change the city in Sims 3

    Scoop You lose only the money from friends comfortable on your sim you keep them all, the same work, the skills 'and challenges regarding the skills' and if you're lazy like me and you do not like to redecorate the house can save Lot and his family on an empty lot If you do not want to lose the family ties can also bring together all momentarily to save, transfer and re-split after. I am sure that this will help you cause.

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    Re: How to change the city in Sims 3

    After you have saved the sim in the catalog as I have explained before Go into options and return them to the main menu and select another city. If you should find all the expansions only Twin brook, but with the original game can download or buy the official site river view with Sim Points Bridgeport changing the city from the main menu and find the sim / house in the catalog, but you lose all the relationships that it's like installing any sim downloaded, you cannot do transfer from one scene to another as if to move house.

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    Re: How to change the city in Sims 3

    When you come up asking you to add lots related ambitions, but it may well be that having already installed insert them alone No if we were not asked you anything, you can find them in the catalog under community lots I mean that as per the Sim point that you are having or earned you will be able to get rid of the problem that you are facing and also sure that this problem will not occur in future while playing the games.

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