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Thread: Mankar Camoran in the elder scrolls

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    Mankar Camoran in the elder scrolls

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, and I'm sure it probably has but anyways here goes was Mankar Camoran correct in his statements about Nirn being nothing but another plane of Oblivion? It seems like some of his statements were wrong, at least the ones about which Daedric Princes ruled which plane of Oblivion. So I want to know, was he right? Or was it all just a collosal mind trip laid out by a villain. Surely the people who wrote his dialogue had access to the lore of the game, or at least I would hope so anyways.

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    Re: Mankar Camoran in the elder scrolls

    No, he's either lying or delusional. I vote delusional, especially since he keeps referring to Nirn as Tamriel. Tamriel is only one continent, Nirn is the world. It's a possibility, since we don't get a rant from Mehrunes Dagon himself to talk about why he's invading Tamriel. But no. Remember what the librarian at the Mystic Archives said about him? She said something along the lines of his views on Mehrunes Dagon are fascinating. Clearly insane, but fascinating still.

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    Re: Mankar Camoran in the elder scrolls

    Should the issue of Haymon have been correct in his diatribe, then what we know of Auribilical cosmology would be revolutionized to the point of being rendered obsolete. I reject the Usurper Son and all of his works, finding his very presence to be that other to the Emperor as the Sharmat was to the Nerevarine. No wonder that Mankar's views differed so prominently; they were meant to be the opposite. Thus it is to my mind that the cosmos remains as it were: following the Wheel and its static-change skeleton and voids, with Nirn being unique not daedric. Thus and herein do I take my leave while leaving what I took, only but a moment, that when from a certain point of view becomes just long enough to do what needs be done.

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    Re: Mankar Camoran in the elder scrolls

    He doesn't even attribute the correct Daedric Princes to the correct Realms, so I wouldn't take much of what he says seriously. If Dagon had actually conquered Tamriel or killed the avatar of Akatosh, he may have been able to alter time by "breaking the dragon" and bring the reality of the cosmos more in line with his vision of what it should be - but this is unlikely. It seems Dagon is fated to lose again and again forever.

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    Re: Mankar Camoran in the elder scrolls

    That's an interesting quote, Luagar; I've often thought about the relationship between lesser Daedroth and Mortals since hearing that line from Mankar, delusional as it sounded. But, I think one has to keep in mind some of the considerable differences between the Aedra of Mundus and the Daedra of Oblivion. For starters, the Aedra don't tend to manifest themselves very often within the mortal realm, and when they do, it's usually more in the form of a subtle avatar, like when they appeared to the Nerevarine. There is of course the exception with Akatosh's brief showcase in the Imperial City, but sometimes you need a big flashy dragon to take down some mean red guy with four arms. So, we'll let that one slide.

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    Re: Mankar Camoran in the elder scrolls

    There's the whole idea of reproduction. While Daedra can't really be 'killed,' only banished back to the waters of Oblivion for eventual resurrection goodness, mortals are very capable of being killed. Sure, one can make the argument of Dreamsleeve recycling, but that results in an entirely new individual, after the fact of mortal reproduction, which I believe the Daedra are incapable of. Finally, if Lorkhan was really the 'Price' of Mundus, then where does Akatosh fit in? How was he able to defeat Lorkhan within his own realm? And why was Lorkhan "killed," rather than simply banished? One of two options, as I see it either Lorkhan wasn't another Daedra Lord at all, and Mankar is totally off his rocker, or There's something about Akatosh the mortals of Nirn aren't quite privacy to.

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