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Thread: Angry Birds for the nintendo dsi

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    Angry Birds for the nintendo dsi

    Hey I own a Nintendo and really superb experience for gaming I have ever had on this, and recently I have heard too many comments on the game called angry bird, I would like to play that on my gaming console, as I have played it on my computer, and it is fantastic game, now I have decided to play the game on my console, but I am not sure that is there any setup will I get for my device. If someone knows anything about that, please suggest me.

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    Re: Angry Birds for the nintendo dsi

    I would say angry bird Is the game which is been favorite for the iphone users this year. And I have heard that it is been migrating from PC to PSP and then the mobile phones and now for the Nintendo. But I think the developers are also about to make such a games for the DSi platform but I don’t think it is released. Till that I would say you should play it on your computer only, and if suppose you have smart phone you can play on that also.

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    Re: Angry Birds for the nintendo dsi

    Hey I am completely not agree with the above user, because as he saying the game is not built up yet, but I would like to tell both of you that you can download that game for your Nintendo, as the Chillingo has published this game for the Nintendo, but I think that version Is just for the United states only, but see you can still try to download that, but I am sure that the game is released for such a gaming console.

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    Re: Angry Birds for the nintendo dsi

    I would say angry bird is now making their nest in Nintendo too. you can download that and can transfer in your Nintendo for playing. In fact I have also heard that the developer is at present in the practice of bringing over Sneezies and Rolando to Nintendo's download services, which is presented in the apple store. I hope you’ll get more entertainment then me, as I have iPod Touch controls and which has very smaller screen.

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    Re: Angry Birds for the nintendo dsi

    As of now it was for android and iphone only, but I won’t be surprise if it was on the nintendo 3ds or DSi as it is being made for almost each and every gaming consoles. But I don’t think you can download that as you have to download that game from their online store. And I think they were about to release their service called e-shop, which will enable us to download the games from the online stores, so might be you can get the game from there.

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