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Thread: The Elder scrolls: I have a confusion regarding Azura

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    The Elder scrolls: I have a confusion regarding Azura

    When I played morrowind unaware of the lore it seemed like Azura was respected by the inhabitants, what with the Azura's coast region and all that. I recently read the Trial of Vivec where Vivec seems to blame Azura for the curse on the Chimeri which altered their appearance to be the current Dunmer. Was Azura the one who cursed the inhabitants of Morrowind? Or is Vivec just crazy? I'm interested and confused by the role Azura plays. And does Vivec really trap her or whatever happens at the end of his Trial? I know daedra are neither good nor evil, but I would love some insight into the dynamic between Azura and the Dunmer/ Azura and Vivec.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: I have a confusion regarding Azura

    I knew the Tribunal took over but I wasn't aware it was those three specific Daedra who they replaced. It seems like Azura plays a relatively large role in the lore, but I find beothiah and mephala very interesting. I'll have to look into them more, although I'm afraid there might not be a big place for them in upcoming games that aren't Morrowind-centric. But who knows. I'll be excited to learn more about Nord deities I guess. While Azura is often blamed for changing the Chimer into Dunmer, I suspect it might be rather an unintended side effect of the Tribunal fiddling with the Heart to make them gods. They forgot to flip the "alter our entire race" switch that Kagrenac had left on.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: I have a confusion regarding Azura

    Not as much of remove they as destroy their power source, which by the time the Nerevarine showed up they had already been hopelessly cut off from. Sometimes I wonder if Sheogorath was manipulating them all this whole time. Dagoth Ur goes nuts and formulates a plan that the Tribunal cannot thwart without going along with Azura's plans, Almalexia goes nuts and kills Sotha Sil then dies fighting the Nerevarine, and finally Vivec blames Azura for it all, making a scene and disappearing shortly after, causing Landfall to finally happen.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: I have a confusion regarding Azura

    Compared to other Daedra, I think she's less destructive to individual people's lives. Mehrunes Dagon likes to destroy things, Molag Bal likes to [censored] and corrupt and cause misery, Sheogorath likes to mess with your mind and may or may not kill you. And Malacath is a party-pooper. Mephala's a heartless schemer, Boethiah's an anarchist, and Azura is a bit of a meddler I think she has Nirn-envy, she seems to like having people like her. So, yeah, I guess on a scale of destructiveness and cruelty toward mortals, she's more toward the middle of the spectrum. That doesn't mean it cant be destructive, it's just that the incidences of destruction are less frequent than some of the other Daedric Princes.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: I have a confusion regarding Azura

    That's just my impression about her and the Daedra. They seem to enjoy meddling in the Mundus every now and then, but I bet they have other Oblivion-y stuff politics, power games, etc to keep them occupied. Except Dagon, who I guess is trying to destroy a bunch of stuff so he can stop being Dagon and be something else - Demon Leaper King? I'm a bit hazy on that part. I guess Azura has a more vested interest in Nirn what with her involvement with binding to the Lunar Lattice. I wonder why she did that. Do you think she was almost convinced by Lorkhan to create Nirn. But she didn't want to give up her power? And yet she liked the idea of having her own creation.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: I have a confusion regarding Azura

    Azura is on her own side and no others. If a person shares her intent AND gives her the "proper" compliments and worship, then she takes a shining to them. The instant they either do something she disagrees with or stop telling her how lovely she looks in that light, then she considers them an enemy. Look at Sul. He agreed to work for her, so she likes him, and makes him promises. When she realizes those promises, while his only hope, inconvenience her in some minor insignificant way she breaks them, and when he escapes anyway she torments him with visions that are just enough to tell him how much he's screwed but never enough to get him to safety.

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