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Thread: I am stucked in elder scroll daggerfall

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    I am stucked in elder scroll daggerfall

    Alright, I just spent all day on my old P2 playing a single dungeon in Daggerfall and have completely cleared it and clicked on every wall, torch, skull, bag, box, and anything else in the dungeon I could find, and have discovered that there is another section of the map with bats and werewolves in it that is apparently not connected to the rest of the map! If you jump or climb walls in certain areas you can see through parts of the wall and see tunnels and rooms farther north of every area I have explored, but they don't seem to be connected. Can somebody confirm this?

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    Re: I am stucked in elder scroll daggerfall

    The dungeon and directions to see the second area that I cannot reach are simple. As soon as you come into the dungeon, turn right and go through the door you're facing. This comes out in a huge room identical to the big one with the skeleton in the first dungeon. Go down the stairs you're at and turn left. Walk across this raised area and then turn left and go up the stairs on the other side and into the room. On the wall to your right is a door leading into a dead-end room. If you face the north wall and jump and/or climb and fall on the north wall of this room, you can see a bunch of tunnels and things that are unreachable. I have even used the cheat to wrap around the dungeon in an attempt to get into this area, and all of the warps are in rooms that I have already visited! I can post screen shots if needed.

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    Re: I am stucked in elder scroll daggerfall

    Well, before I start, note that using the keys to wrap around the dungeon actually should take you to any possible quest item/NPC locations - I'm assuming that's what you used to wrap around? If so, if the NPC you're looking for is a monster of some sort, maybe scout around the areas where you warp to? Anyway, I had a look through the dungeon, and can confirm that that little bit is indeed detached from the main part of the dungeon. However, this is not unique to this dungeon I have void range red" in a few other dungeons where I have found rooms floating in nothingness. This is most likely due to the dungeons having had been randomly generated, and the developers could hardly spare the time to go and check that every single room in every single dungeon was connected.

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    Re: I am stucked in elder scroll daggerfall

    Actually over the past 12 or so years, I believe that the game has only crashed out on me three or four times, I've only managed to fall out of the map on a handful of occasions, and it has never locked-up or anything. This is the first quest in that time that I have been unable to complete, which is why I am posting here. I have tried jumping up and down the stairs while crouched in an attempt to get out of the map, to no avail. I have a save before I took the quest, but I guess I don't want to give up on any quest, since I haven't done so yet. How were those screen shots in the post above captured? If there's a way out of the map I'll try it to get over there.

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    Re: I am stucked in elder scroll daggerfall

    It's probably that the quest is just bugged and didn't spawn the girl or send the letter properly probably the latter, as letters are often bugged out. I assume you are exploring each room the take you to, not just warping, not seeing anything, and warping on. If you warp onto her which you would, you won't see her until you move back a little. If you want into the void, Jumping as you ascend/descend stairs is a popular choice. Or, if you find an area with the hexagonal tunnels (where the walls are made of two slants, coming to a point about half way up, you can try running up the wall to the slant and jumping/ducking/etc until you pop out. But the BEST way, and one I've found to be reliable, is to find an elevator. As the lift is rising toward a passageway, run into the wall toward the passage; you should run right under the floor and fall into the void. Just make sure, of course, that you can levitate or that there is something below you to fall on.

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    Re: I am stucked in elder scroll daggerfall

    One possibility is that you've run out of time for the quest and the quest target has been removed from the dungeon. If the quest hasn't run out of time and it's still active, my advice would be to cycle through the locations with the keys again, and check each location carefully in case you've overlooked something. A monster might have wandered off, an object might be in back of or under something, etc. Any possibility you're looking for an item and it might be on a monster you killed but didn't loot.

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