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Thread: Open-World Pirate Game like RDR in L.A.Noire

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    Open-World Pirate Game like RDR in L.A.Noire

    L.A.Noire is not that good game but was OK. I was a good experience playing that game. I feel that this game needs more modifications and a better story with few more good maps. Well this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Well this was my personal opinion about this game. Need more opinions for this game if possible. So what features you people would like to add if the game was still developing?

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    Re: Open-World Pirate Game like RDR in L.A.Noire

    Definitely hope to add that feature. No, but acutely. I want to sail the vessels, either manually or just traveling faster. Go fishing and sell them as skinning animals and sell rdr. Duels with swords, have a mixture of swords and guns as weapons, but maintain weapons to a minimum so you can still have a pirate like feel to it. Crews and gangs in rdr or GTA. They get drunk. Awesome multiplayer modes are awesome crew battles and stuff. So I would like to add these features in this game.

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    Re: Open-World Pirate Game like RDR in L.A.Noire

    I caught a game that fills that bill perhaps not as polished as a set of Rockstar, but fulfilling enough. There is a discussion on on the same subject. Anyway, it's Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships for PC. Title of truth, but it's like the Sea Akella iteration 4 dogs and very well together. There is an argument to continue the mission of several arches. Or she can have full and only the plunder and pillage roam free style. There are plenty of missions as you play through some things and secrets to discover. The ship to ship battles are great. There is a good combat system, with fakes, bars and blocks, and they may fire their muskets and pistols for sword fights. There is a RPG under the hood to keep you in developing your characters statistics. Ships to recruit civil servants as well as a generic "crew" man their ships. So in terms of the checklist.

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    Re: Open-World Pirate Game like RDR in L.A.Noire

    I am in favor of a rock pirated game, but I see this happen. The naval battles themselves are difficult to make things right, and the series Sea Dogs have been running on perfecting it for about 10 years. Sprinkle in a large world map, that's all oceans with many islands and has a tough job for the sandbox world. Each island would probably be a Vice City itself, though less developed. Pirates are more than a niche market, so I do not see reinvent the wheel when Akella has put out a pretty civilized pirate-sim, not to mention excellent Sid Meier's Pirates!

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    Re: Open-World Pirate Game like RDR in L.A.Noire

    Probably pull down the Caribbean islands that represent the 4 major naval powers: Spanish, English, French, and maybe a pirate island (the dog of the sea / AOP games always do.) Each island has its own blend of heavy, stores, taverns, beaches, caves, forests, etc. and the quests / characters that are tied to the nation. The sea would be quite small, with the 4 islands visible at all times. Something like if you've ever browsed around the land masses of the Virgin Islands visible in all directions, but take some time to reach your destination. Hopefully, a good range of casual encounters could be implemented at sea. Thus I am hoping such kind of scenes to be provided in L.A.Noire.

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    Re: Open-World Pirate Game like RDR in L.A.Noire

    I've always required a pirated game open world. That would be great but it would take a hell of a time when mapping and the diverse areas. This is absolutely not a bad idea. I visualize it would be more of a RPG style game like Fable series. But let’s hope a new version of this game gets released with the expected features. I hope if the new version gets released, it should be able to satisfy the people.

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    Re: Open-World Pirate Game like RDR in L.A.Noire

    I think it could be feasible and indeed less demanding on a system that, say, LA Noire. The reason for this is that, as in San Andreas, developers could simply loop bodies of water. I doubt anyone would notice the loop unless carefully examined the sea for hours, and I cannot see anyone doing something so same like that. I am hoping more good features especially of pirates type in this game if goes for developing.

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