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Thread: The Elder scrolls: How can I play with the same character?

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    The Elder scrolls: How can I play with the same character?

    I have had the same character since I bought Morrowind like 6 years ago or something, and she's come with me to Oblivion and will definitely also be visiting TES:V she's an elf, so no worries about being too old to adventure!), but I don't want to carry over items or anything. I want to experience the game just the way it is and start completely a new. The fun is in the journey, not in already being there.The fun is in the journey, not in already being there.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: How can I play with the same character?

    When you create a new game in Tes V it looks for an Oblivion save on your xbox and then you can choose the character you want to pick. Once you have made your choice you Must create a new character with the same race, a Breton character from Oblivion would force you to be a Breton in Tes V aswell for example. Now this could work since some people (I know I do) want to play with a similar character as we did back in Oblivion, and I know staying alive for 200 years can be tricky, but if the character in Tes V were to be a blood relative in the direct line of descent from the mighty hero/heroine of Cyrodiil then lore wise it could work out.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: How can I play with the same character?

    Now transferring epic items from one game to another would just be weird. Maybe not lore wise since one could inherit the artifact in question) but more gameplay wise. Instead, the new character could get a perk or a title of some sort showing the young new blood’s old ancestor's legendary status. Or maybe an item of choice could be transferred over but without it's stats. It could have been possible, lore-wise, to continue your character from MW to OB, because one side effect of the Corprus disease was immortality.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: How can I play with the same character?

    Todd Howard said that each new Elder Scrolls game does not, will not and should not be necessary to play the last game to understand the new one. A story-based RPG game are the only ones that this sort of mechanic can really work. The Elder Scrolls is about exploring a whole new thing with each game. If you connect your old character with the new game it wouldn't fit the way things are done in TES. Plus all the work to make choices and consequences from Oblivion impact on TESV would be a waste. I love how each new Elder Scrolls throws you in the body of an anonymous person with no background who eventually shapes his history and fate.

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: How can I play with the same character?

    The problem with using a previous character is that you'd either have to reset all of their skills and attributes back to where they started and come up with some funky excuse for that, or else there'd be no point in playing the new game, because you'd already be "maxed out". You certainly wouldn't want to make the next game for high-level characters only, which would rule out any sales from potential customers who didn't already own OB, and it would be absurd to have a region where all of the inhabitants are high-level "demi-gods" at the very least, unless you're making a game specifically about the "afterlife".

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    Re: The Elder scrolls: How can I play with the same character?

    No, if I wanted my Oblivion character I would make him with cheats. I mean, new province, new time, new events, new armor and weapons, and hopefully a new level scaling system and weapon system, so why old character with improper equipment? Plus how would you transfer your Daedric quest items? I mean the only way to do it is have all new items and keep your appearance and level, so why bother? Plus your character is in a save file not a special character folder, so transferring him/her over would mean digging him/her out of a ton of source codes and altering them to the updated engine. Plus when Oblivion was released Bethesda said all Elder Scrolls games are stand alone and only take place in the same world and not share characters

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