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Thread: Does brink's gameplay looks similar in each level

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    Does brink's gameplay looks similar in each level

    I understand that there are only 8 maps, but this is not much less than it ever starts with any FPS game. This makes 16 different scenarios to play out. Sixteen different missions on eight relatively large maps really seems like a pretty good deal to me. I really do not understand why people are saying the game is short and repetitive. There's more at stake in each match of the match Brink typical of any CoD game yet, nobody has a problem going prestige six times in CoD literally doing the same thing over and over and over.

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    Re: Does brink's gameplay looks similar in each level

    Brink has only 8 maps! These eight maps are large and some of them fall into a few sections. There are only two game modes! Yes, but in every game, because there are more than four tasks to perform. Capture the Flag: Cheque, companion: Check Search and Destroy: Check. So it's not a TDM. Is that really all that is behind this argument? Have you seen what they do fragments of towers? And the game's fault that the operation on the computer is too busy shooting people instead of making recognition and location of mines and doctors to know what to kill.

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    Re: Does brink's gameplay looks similar in each level

    I like the fact that you can unlock all the weapon upgrades before you play online, no more excuses for the whiners that your weapon is OP just because its range. Flanking the enemy is what it comes to the rest of the team time to get escorted away, I prefer the route soldier and I just try to create carnage and chaos to take care of the rest of the team. This resulted in many deaths and a lot of time to see the nesting count down, but at lvl20 at least you can use your secondary to keep you entertained while waiting.

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    Re: Does brink's gameplay looks similar in each level

    All FPS games are repetitive. . There are simply what, 8 or so maps within this game, and actually only half a dozen actual objective types. Play the game for a month and is likely to get bored of your mind to it (honestly I have no way fans can be hardcore fps when this issue plagues all FPS games ever made.) I tend to be a role player than a player shooter. FPS / TPS games just do not usually have the options of playing capability to do other genres.

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    Re: Does brink's gameplay looks similar in each level

    Not so sure that you get bored. Depends on what you enjoy doing. Hell, take a look at more TF2 maps played and you will find a small handful are playing a lot! And I'm very happy to enter from time to time to make the same case or push that stupid picture on the same tracks as always push. Of course, now I want to get into point and set the same lift and watch the same charges. I'm always trying to improve and once I have the map and tactics until then I can start experimenting with different approaches.

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    Re: Does brink's gameplay looks similar in each level

    With the brink, the gameplay experience is up to you. You are able to ignore the objectives and will kill, go to secondary targets, use the kind of effectiveness, not the main objective, or mess around. All that is with CoD is "kill these people camp here, and move in about 30 seconds to another place." Regardless of the game modes, it's all the similar among that game. And, with different maps are different objectives. How in the hell is repetitive. It's your fault you do not see the lack of limitations in the game. You can even do a private party, and explore the maps with a light weight.

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