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Thread: Games bugs an regular problem with gaming industries

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    Games bugs an regular problem with gaming industries

    My short experience in testing video games with Electronic Arts makes me believe that they do consciously. These games are tested. Not that I did not realize that the game had bugs. They knew. However they liberate anyway, as they have to hit their deadline. They be acquainted with they can forever patch. I'm sure this is stressful for developers as well. Most of them do not want to release a game unfinished, but once again, are the Dang deadlines.

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    Re: Games bugs an regular problem with gaming industries

    This reminds me of Apple with its iPhone. My brother-in-law always buy brand new iPhone coming out and always have problems with it. I think if you tell players that the game will be released at a later date due to errors, it would say more, then go get the game and come into contact with these insects. Normally I am a person who tries to give a game some time on the platform before you go and buy it, but my exception this time is with LA Noire.

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    Re: Games bugs an regular problem with gaming industries

    Well, I had already preordered the game, and I'm going to install now and find out if it really is a steaming pile of garbage error some people are doing to be. Somewhere I have several discs that I received sequentially through mail Microprose, fixes errors in Master of Magic, reaching fairly stable version 1.31. I had trouble getting into an online game, but now that I think. Most of my time was doing characters and play SP.

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    Re: Games bugs an regular problem with gaming industries

    This should not be anything new to the PC community. We had problems with developers for more than a decade. I guess that might be latest to the console crowd however. Even though I remember buying a couple of games console during the past that were unplayable out of the box, and there was no patch at the time, so I had to suffer by not playing those games. I was not confident regarding Brink from the moment it was publicize, and now the concern is proving unfounded. in no doubt, that sounds similar to a self-fulfilling prophecy, however I save $ 50.

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    Re: Games bugs an regular problem with gaming industries

    I think it's a miracle that there are no more technical problems. Powered by way forward, we are not giving companies enough time playing to sit and really test their new engines. We just want the new graphics and innovative game, and if you do not release their game release date has been said, is outdated and boring and you lose money. Seems to be an impossible circumstance that just keeps getting inferior as time goes on, but I do not see any viable solution.

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    Re: Games bugs an regular problem with gaming industries

    I don't see any problem with game bugs because in these days, in only treated as "a natural thing" to gamers. But mostly they tend to abuse that bug and it results to game sad.
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    Re: Games bugs an regular problem with gaming industries

    I put about three hours on the edge of the abyss in the PC so far, and I'm enjoying it a lot actually. It may not be perfect, but I think the relationship is slagging it has adopted in the gaming press feels unjustified. The game is not at all impossible to play, and are not problems connecting to the online portion of last night, the only errors / bugs I've found so far is an instance of this night the sound of neglect until it came to menu game. There was a tiny patch night when I start the game via Steam, I'm pretty sure it was to deal with connectivity problems when it comes to playing online last night, but tonight I have been playing in public games in the story mode all the time without any apparent problems.

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