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Thread: Sharing in-game photos and videos in Kinect for Xbox 360

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    Sharing in-game photos and videos in Kinect for Xbox 360

    Hello friends, today morning my dad purchased Microsoft Kinect sensor along with Xbox 360 console for me. I am very much excited to know more about this gaming console. I have read that we can even use our kinect to share in-game videos and photos with friends and other users. So I am interested in knowing how I can make this possible for my Xbox 360 console. Anyone who have used this feature before or anyone else with any idea on this topic please help me with your precious comments. Thank you in advance to everyone who make an attempt to help me.

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    re: Sharing in-game photos and videos in Kinect for Xbox 360

    Yes it is true that you can share your in-game videos and photos with your friends using Kinect sensor and Xbox 360 console. Some Kinect games support this feature. You can upload these in-game photo’s and videos in the official website of KinectShare and any other sites as well. All the photos and the videos which you have uploaded in your account in KinectShare can be downloaded, shared with family members and friends on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. You can even print these pictures.

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    re: Sharing in-game photos and videos in Kinect for Xbox 360

    Kinect for Xbox 360 makes it possible to even allow different family members to play games together. Along with the amazing feature of sharing photos and videos and the facility to provide online safety and privacy settings in your Xbox 360 console, the Kinect has got its own, very new privacy setting, which is called as Kinect Sharing. If you are wishing to upload few pictures and videos to any kind of websites and services like the KinectShare, then the Kinect Sharing setting on your Xbox 360 console must be set to "Allowed." Your Xbox 360 console’s online safety settings includes this Kinect Sharing settings.

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    re: Sharing in-game photos and videos in Kinect for Xbox 360

    Following are the steps to change the Kinetic Sharing settings:
    • Start your Xbox console and sign in by using your Xbox LIVE gamertag.
    • Now go to the My Xbox option and select your avatar.
    • Navigate to Online Safety option and choose Change Settings option.
    • Choose Customize and then choose Kinect Sharing option.
    • Here you have to select Allowed if you want to upload and share photos and videos or Blocked if you don’t wish to upload and share pictures.
    • Once you have selected the option, press B on your controller.
    • Finally Select Save and Exit option.

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    Re: Sharing in-game photos and videos in Kinect for Xbox 360

    For any Childs account, the default setting for Xbox LIVE is kept blocked whereas the default setting for any adult user in Xbox LIVE is kept Allowed. There is this particular feature. When you are playing online game and if any player joins in the game who is having the kinect sharing setting as Blocked then all the other players will also won’t be able to upload any photos or videos to the official website of KinecttShare or any other websites which allows photo-sharing. This means that if any child is playing with its photo sharing setting blocked then that will aply to everyone who are playing with the child.

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