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Thread: When to pre-order DLC Pack for Brink?

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    When to pre-order DLC Pack for Brink?

    Will these packs become buyable after the release of brink? If yes will there be a pack that contains all of them and that cost less in retail stores? If it doesn’t become buyable, could it be unlock able in the game but those who pre-ordered get. I mean I am planning to get the DLC pac but don’t really know when to get the same I mean I am not aware when to order the DLC pack because I want to have the same as soon as possible please help me out of the same.

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    Re: When to pre-order DLC Pack for Brink?

    I imagine that's a question for the producers more than the developers - and mods would only know this if it was public knowledge. It's a very good question though, it would be interesting if these are a free bonus for pre-ordering but you can purchase them later if you want. They want to give you these items, so that people know you were here from the beginning. So I'm not sure. Being able to buy it for a limited time though would cool. But these packs should not be permanent. I think they should sell packs like these though. I think it would be awesome.

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    Re: When to pre-order DLC Pack for Brink?

    I am hoping there is some way to getting the 'other' pre-order DLC, I have already pre-orded from steam, it’s the only place I buy games from these days, and I live in ameriac so my choice of pre-orders will be limited anyways.. and I really like the Fallout and Doom packs and would love to get them but cash is limited and I can not be affording to buy many copies of the game just for the extra items. So I would really like to see some way of being able to buy or get these 'extra' items another way to add to my already pre-order Steam version of the game.

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    Re: When to pre-order DLC Pack for Brink?

    BC2 actually had exclusive weapons for the people who pre-ordered. They still aren't available to anyone and probably will never be. The only thing is those exclusive weapons weren't so powerful It would be nice if Bethesda keep the pre-order items exclusive to people who were loyal enough to pre-order otherwise How would we be acknowledged for our loyalty and support. Maybe have extra (new items) which can be purchased for those who want to chip in a little bit of extra money. Or have an exclusive Armor set for people who have achieved something great in the brink community.

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    Re: When to pre-order DLC Pack for Brink?

    I don't like the thought of being able to buy the DLC later, it kind of kills the point in pre-ordering. I also don't like the idea at that point they would be essentially selling the guns. I assume they have counter-parts available once you unlock them, the pre-orderers just get them earlier. If they are going to let people buy the pre-order items as DLC I think it should ONLY be available to people who pre-ordered the game. They could have a key with your pre-order that unlocks items from whatever vendor you bought the game from, and it would also unlock the ability to buy the other items. Again I don't like this at all, but it is better than anyone being able to buy it and killing the whole point of showing off who the "early adopters" were.

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    Re: When to pre-order DLC Pack for Brink?

    I have no problem unlocking the items that is a good or I can say that ideal system in my opinion. It gives early adopters a day one advantage without taking away from in-game content for people who bought the game later. However, in my opinions the aesthetics should not be sold. Selling customizations options should be reserved for F2P games trying to make money off of it, not a game I spent $50 on. It also negates the point of pre-ordering, I am always under the impression that pre-orders should give people something for showing their unfounded faith in a game before it gets reviews out, and that something shouldn't be available for other people who decided if they wanted the game or not.

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