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Thread: Portal 2 on PS3

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    Portal 2 on PS3

    I am using the Play station 3 gaming console and the thing here is that I have recently heard about the Portal 2 game on the system and really willing to play the same game on the Playstation 3. So now the thing here is that I want install this game on the gaming console and need some help regarding the same. So just please let me know what I can do get this game on the gaming console in fact did anyone tried doing the same thing on the system if yes then let me know how to do the same.

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    Re: Portal 2 on PS3

    Asked about a possible compatibility mouse / keyboard for Portal 2 on PlayStation 3, Valve has showered the last hopes. Well the project lead of this game has actually announced officially that "No, it is not possible to play this game on PS3. The whole game was designed around its playability regarding the hardware and how people use it." I am sure now you will get the better idea regarding this one whether it is compatible or not.

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    Re: Portal 2 on PS3

    By linking their account PlayStation Network than the platform Valve , PS3 owners will have access to matchmaking and play with the followers of iterations PC, but also enjoy text chat or share their lists of friends and 'achievement / trophy . Safeguards are also stored in the Steam Cloud to continue his party on any console and a function similar to Play Steam will download a copy of PC through a code in the box PS3 the game

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    Re: Portal 2 on PS3

    The first thing that I want to clear here is that it is not being announced yet by the game officials that the same game is available for the Playstation or now. I mean there is the least possibility that this game will be played on any gaming console till the company itself reveals the same for PS3. I am sure that you are getting my point and the thing here is that if not now they definitely launch the same sooner or later.

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    Re: Portal 2 on PS3

    Portal 2 is indeed cut roughly into three segments during which you will see different things in terms of mechanics but also atmosphere. Thus, after 5 chapters, you'll get a totally different picture from Aperture which we will not make you a detailed description.Simply, be advised that the puzzles take a very different form that has nothing to do with the relatively small test rooms which you are accustomed. Here, we give in the giant puzzle, the limit of exploration, where the first difficulty is not only how to get from point A to point B, but to find the damn point B which is outside view.

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