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Thread: How to get fps info on Crysis 2

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    How to get fps info on Crysis 2

    I am bit use to playing Crysis and I also want to know how can I use the consoles. I want some help here to get fps info when I am playing. I am using the command r_displayinfo=1. But that does not bring up anything. I think my game is working slower. It must be bit faster. I have a AMD 5870 graphic card. There are dual gpu in the system and still it is getting so slow. Can anyone help.

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    If you are getting poor fps then can a few things you can try. Crysis is a resource intensive game. It looks your gpu is not able to fullfill the requirement to play the same. Try to reduce the resolution a bit and then check back. This might be enough to fix the problem. You can also try to see the gpu temperature. If this is high then your gpu is getting heated up and giving you the error. You have to clean your system.

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    The fps thing here is completely handled by the gpu only. Even after reducing the screen resolution you will get the same output. So you can try with updating the video drivers. This matters the most. You can find the latest drivers on the official site of your gpu manufacturer. From where you can download and install it in your system. This is the easiest way to fix the issue. if this does not work then your gpu is not capable of producing high resolution. You have to upgrade that.

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