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Thread: "Jumping" Zerg unit in HotS in StarCraft 2

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    "Jumping" Zerg unit in HotS in StarCraft 2

    A group of friends and I were talking about what the new units that can be seen in Hots and started talking about food, 2, Lair technology, light unit, body to body armor bonus and a " jump "range of 7-8 that quickly close the distance and may even intervene units or flip-flops (no cliffs or buildings). Load something like steroids. The idea is to have a unit that is capable of complementing Roach / Hydra against 'shake to clean flip-flops to get up in the face of Stalker / colossus, or to join Speeling load / Terran Baneling against tanks, but distance near the tank faster. But because the damage bonus would be shielded Zealots, Marines, etc. would still be profitable Hellions.

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    Re: "Jumping" Zerg unit in HotS in StarCraft 2

    I'm not saying Ultralisks are good, by any means, but people need to realize that you can actually use Ultralisks, Thors, and Colossi of force fields last minute. His mistake jumping Zerg idea of unity, however, is actually already in a custom map Blizzard - Left2Die. If you have not played, or play alone or with a friend. As the game is an homage / parody / spin-off of Left4Dead, is a unit that acts amounting to Hunter, who jumps up and grabs one of its units.

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    Re: "Jumping" Zerg unit in HotS in StarCraft 2

    In fact, I think Chargelots would do well. Since the unit I am proposing that there be light, and relatively little damage to the light, a fan would do well. Position on top of which allow a fan to close after a jump. I just noticed in the OP I did not say that I thoughts about a 10s CD on "jump" or impressive. There is an all-time-to-feel-like-it "jump eight hexagonal. I believe the hole is currently underutilized, but not so easy to get the element of surprise to him. "Pitching is almost always an obstacle or 2 with his ball, and burrow as more popular Banelings Terran will (and already have) start adding a raven to the mix. (In that sense I think that Hunter Seeker is underutilized, so but it could be that high micro fully mitigated.)

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    Re: "Jumping" Zerg unit in HotS in StarCraft 2

    I had left the game when added. You know what these units would be stupid? The whole is not able to jump cliffs makes the most annoying part of the flip-flops for zerg to be viable when the ramp leading FF to the natural (base push two kinds of time.) I do not want to see a 15-20 frogs on the map. Because I want it to be able to get more units, and "jump" sounds more Zerg that "the removal by force units and camps" or something. In addition, a Zerg unit fully capable of avoiding commitments to the wall would be incredibly, stupidly OP. A push two bases Den Mix technology when I jump on a Terran or "principal? That would be awfully good. They should get to defend your wall, bust the wall with Roach or Bane and win. All games.

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    Re: "Jumping" Zerg unit in HotS in StarCraft 2

    I nix the jump FF, and I like to make a goal that makes you jump a short immune to attack ground units melee. (It is still vulnerable to attack by ground and air units with missile attacks ground units.) So basically, instead of having to go around the edge to reach a unit in the back of the opponent can only jump right into the front and in the face of the unit target opponent. HOTS also I hope that, indeed, make a new unit instead of giving by zerglings-froghop.

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    Re: "Jumping" Zerg unit in HotS in StarCraft 2

    That's a great idea. It would also require updating den, which could be a good balance. Why does everyone assume that this is some Zergling modified? It is both a Zergling Ultralisk is. This unit is bigger, more food, more far above the ground tech, and ability not really see the relationship with the Zergling, apart from for the fact that it is melee. Will have to be a small unit so it will probably be similar to the Zergling. Having it is a larger unit with huge legs late. Grasshoppers or something? I'm not even thinking about the mechanics i just cannot believe how stupid the unit is to see when your "break" or just generally.

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