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Thread: Moto GP 10/11 First Impression

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    Moto GP 10/11 First Impression

    The Moto GP game is out in the market and I was the one to have got the first shot of it by standing in the queue to get the game CD for installing it I my system and playing it. I have played the game till 10 laps and within this I time I got so much amazed with the game that you will not imagine. First off all starting with the graphics of the game, this was even richer as compared to the previous version of the game that has been out in the market. Although when I had seen the videos I wasn’t that amazed with it. Most interestingly the public that had come to watch the game with all the banners and the support were looked real and this is the interesting point in the game.

    Considering the bikes that are available in the game to have some kind of a difference with all the previous version of the racing game, this Moto GP has really got some kind of a massive improvement not just with the looks of the bike but even with the wheelie was something like never seen before, I mean we just enjoy when we get hit to some of the object and the bike would flip backward. Also, you will be able to get a good royal feeling when you just sit on it waiting for the game to start. I'm also pleasurably astonished about the movement distort at high speeds. Initially I thought that this would in contract frustrating but it’s in fact sort of a nice feel. It in fact does provide you a sense of speed with no fear at all. In SBK X you identify you're going speedy except at times it’s hard to tell the distinction between the speed as it is always too fast. In fact, I hear SBK 2011 can be a bit unbalanced at top speed which most of the user will not like at all. One of my preferred aspects is to facilitate the throttle and gripes about SBKX is that the throttle feels in addition a great deal like an on/off switch while MGP 08 requisite a soft touch for the trigger.

    Now just like every coin has two sides of it, the same way some of the features in this game make me feel that something is wrong. When you take a glance at the Honda it feels despite the fact that there is an unseen rod going all the way through the tail pipe beneath the seat to the frontage of the bike and that the bike rotates on that axis. The center pivot is so annoying because it removes each observation of the rider being associated to the bike running on the road. It makes it extremely complicated to get a sense meant for what the bike will perform plus how it will respond and at what time to incline in.

    Also one of the things that I really don’t like over here is that when the race is about to start, the riders do annoying things by looking at the camera so as to show how eager they are for the race is one thing that I would want the company to remove from the game. The backgrounds and the track along with the bikes looks pleasing except the rider. Some of the vehicles brake are not that as we would want to have, sometimes the brakes work on time and sometime they don’t and we end up crashing, so I think that the brake of the bikes should also be made safe. There are some of the bikes that doesn’t have the fire power inside it which can help us to go speedily.

    Taking all into consideration if we compare this game with all of its previous version I think that this one is much more advance having got more option along with graphics, but then also there are some grey areas in the game which I think that the company should definitely look forward to improve it, happy with the game but not satisfied, anyone having more opinions please free to reply.

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    Re: Moto GP 10/11 First Impression

    yeah i know very well about it, it is really good game, when it was came in the market then every people have surprised to see it and they wanted to buy it.

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    Re: Moto GP 10/11 First Impression

    I was very amazed with this game when I saw the first time my friend was playing it when I just went to check what he was doing at his home. I have played many Grand Prix game before as well but the graphics that this game was having was just exhilarating. The bikes holds the highest point in this game as they were all developed with such a real effect that could amaze any one watching it. And yes not to forget the crowds as well as they were really helping point in this game as they have provided us with all the needed support making use of the banners and various other things that helped us in the game. I instantly went to the shop and brought the game CD home, every one should try this one out.

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