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Thread: FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

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    FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

    A neighbour had completed the strapsberry mastery a few hours ago. I was amazed at the speed she had collected over 5,000 seeds to finish this crop. What if i want to do it pretty faster but i am not aware how to achieve it. Also tell me whether i need to send request to my neighbors for the same or simply i need to keep playing my game and thats all.

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    Re: FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

    It doesn't look like the help requests are working anyway, even if they do get them, so don't waste your requests on that Neighbors visiting and clicking your greenhouse is so far the only thing that works (in my case anyway). I just wanted to ask - after one master the crop, does it unlocks plant. Hopefully this should help you.

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    Re: FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

    I've also made sure to visit daily even if it's just to feed chickens and click on the greenhouse. Many of my neighbors are doing this too. Another tip is to keep one of each type of new seed bushel in your stall. When you hit that greater than 1000 number of seeds, plant it. That way you can keep track of the number of seeds you have on hand and won't waste time, coins, or feed clicks growing or collecting a seed that you may have enough to master a crop.

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    Re: FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

    I mastered both the Straspberries and the Purple Tomatoes. The bushels came in handy and the DM Event helped with the Tomatoes. What I did was focus only on those seeds for growing in the Greenhouse from the beginning and collected primarily those seeds from the feed. I was also lucky that my requests went through to my neighbors. I know a few of my neighbors mastered those crops or came close during the event so that really helped.

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    Re: FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

    I'm been getting help requests. My only thing is I would like Zynga to put all trays together. Right now, if you ask for help for tray one, and 3 random friends visit your greenhouse, they all do tray tray one. Whether it's 3 people or 30 people. It does not seem to jump over to other trays. hen i ask for friends to help, I usually pick tray 6,7,8, so visitors can get one.

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    Re: FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

    I think quite a few people think the requests that do make it through aren't working since when you click on a seed help request, it takes you to your farm. I've found that this is just the way they work. It would be nice if it had a dialog box and the "more gifts to accept" feature like everything else. I have a bakery and so far have no need for these bushels? Are they needed in the winery or the spa? I had 25 bushels of straps berries this morning and shared almost all of them to get them out so I could put something in there I needed. Should I be saving the bushels? I always keep one in there to use when I harvest that particular crop.

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