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Thread: Heart Balloons is same as 10 back packs

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    Heart Balloons is same as 10 back packs

    My backpack limit was 600 previously after i kept the big barn on my island the backpack size was 610 but just now i bought the heart balloon and placed it on my island my backpack size changed to 620. But no information is given in store under the heart balloon. Anyone else faced the same situation? How did you fixed the same. Please advice.

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    Re: Heart Balloons is same as 10 back packs

    The other balloons do give backpack space, so it makes sense that this one would too. But still, it should be in the item description in the store. I will check and see what I can find out. I know but I'm always scared to get rid of building materials because every time I've done it, something has come up that I've needed them. The backpack space will also have helped you in this matter.

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    Re: Heart Balloons is same as 10 back packs

    I'm sure you noticed the latest news about the maps that make us discover the underwater world, an introduction to the new maps that will soon provide us with Zynga to start using the submarine. The new maps are in the complex atlantis. The Bermuda archipelago consists of 6 small islands islands. Some islands can be visited from the start while others are released to the achievement of certain goals.

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    Re: Heart Balloons is same as 10 back packs

    In the last phase there are goals that we have already reached, namely the construction of the submarine and the recruitment of the crew probably the only thing we lack is the captain's hat that we have to ask friends. I remind you that all objectives can be achieved by spending cash if you do not want to waste too much time. In addition to the completion of each stage we will have a bonus coins and experience.

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    Re: Heart Balloons is same as 10 back packs

    Yes it is out on my island - has been for a while. This was the first I heard of extra storage (wish I'd known about the barn but I had no room on my Island). I've been stockpiling golden fruit and relic pieces 'cos I couldn't play new islands for a while. I rolled the die, lately every decision had been made in this way. Today I had given myself the choice of adventure or routine. They landed on the table, snake eyes. Adventure it was! I decided to let the ship sail where it would, this was 20 years ago, and I still haven't found a way into that temple.

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