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Thread: Treasure isle: Can I safely sell these items

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    Treasure isle: Can I safely sell these items

    Can I safely sell items/animals like the Tiger, Dragon, J.D Turkleton, Ninja, etc. without losing access to the maps unlocked by those animals? They are taking up that small annoying amount of space everyone hates and I don't know if I will lose access to any maps by selling them. As far as i know i think that it is not at all possible in Treasure isle. If you have an idea then please suggest me one.

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    Re: Treasure isle: Can I safely sell these items

    I think you need to keep. turkey, etc., are for holiday maps that no longer exist. those that have no associated maps can definitely be sold without any issues. I sold my turkey, dragon, tiger etc and still have full access to the maps. This was only a problem when i sold my cupid monkey after completing it then I needed it for the valentines quest so I had to get another one.

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    Re: Treasure isle: Can I safely sell these items

    Good to know, but just like you said, you ran into an issue thanks to the cupid monkey. now we have these "treasures of the world" quests starting, and I am not about to see something like this. ok, in order to get some terra cotta warriors, we have to go to china. step one in your quest is to fully train your dragon" I sold my dragon and now I have to train it again. if they ever decide we have to revisit thanksgiving for a special treasure, then I'm screwed too, but as long as they don't do something stupid like that, I'm safe

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    Re: Treasure isle: Can I safely sell these items

    I accidentally deleted my tiger one day instead of placing it on my island to train. Reading these posts makes me realize I need it to unlock maps I may not have access to. How do I get my tiger back so I can train it? Suggestions anyone. I thought exactly the same thing with the 7 treasure quest coming up, I have also deleted my haunted house and nexus so they will prob ask for them to be completed to lol!! I may have to put in a long email of requests to customer service.

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    Re: Treasure isle: Can I safely sell these items

    How did you delete it? I can't get an option for that. It won't go in Davy Jones locker. I can get an option to sell it, but not to store or delete it. If I sell it, will I get back the material that is currently in it. It's at stage 3 of 4. I just accidentally upgraded it and if it is nothing more than a decoration, I don't want it at all.

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    Re: Treasure isle: Can I safely sell these items

    sorry i meant i sold it not deleted it. if you sell it then no you don't get materials back but it is worth building them as you get 3+ max power added i think it is. this might not seem much for all the materials you put into it but when you complete a few of these buildings that increase max power points they do add up and become worth it. also its a good idea to only be trying to complete one building at a time instead of having lots of different unfinished buildings on your island so that every special delivery box you open will be a part for that one building.

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