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Thread: Problem Adding Friends in Treasure isle

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    Problem Adding Friends in Treasure isle

    Having issues adding friends I click the My Neighbors tab and it shows the neighbors that requested to add me that I have accepted It shows nobody else If I click Invite friends it will only allow me to add friends who DO NOT already play the game It's beginning to get rather frustrating I would love to be able to help out my friends in the game but first I need to be able to add them This is the only game I have this issue with i do not have any problem playing other games.

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    Re: Problem Adding Friends in Treasure isle

    For you and anyone else trying to add friend who are already playing Treasure Isle - have you already tried scrolling to the bottom of the "My Neighbors" tab? At the very top is the area to add non-TI friends, and below that would be your friends who are already your neighbors. Below all of that should be friends with pending neighbor requests and, at the bottom, should be TI players who are not yet your neighbors (nor have pending neighbor requests).

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    Re: Problem Adding Friends in Treasure isle

    I'm having somewhat the same issue that's been mentioned on here, but, I have trouble scrolling down to see all my neighbors. However, there's been a few times I was actually able to get it to work (by pressing the middle scroll button, getting the arrows to show up, then it'll go down further. It doesn't always work, and it takes a few times to make it work), and sent a few neighbor requests to friends that have ti, they accepted the requests, but weren't added as neighbors, it didn't work, didn't go through So, what am I doing wrong? I have had people send me requests, and when I've accepted them they go thru, but there's a few that can't seem to send me requests.

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    Re: Problem Adding Friends in Treasure isle

    I have continued having this problem for some time. What you have described was there when I began using treasure isle but has since stopped being this way. Now like the others when you scroll down the page the friends that have TI but are not neighbors do not show up. I also have the problem with past neighbors that I have broken off connection with on facebook remain neighbors on TI but with no name or picture. When I click remove neighbor the screen reloads and it is still there.

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    Re: Problem Adding Friends in Treasure isle

    Unless I am blind or need new glasses I myself do not see where I can add my friends that play. They do not show up in the invite friends list and there is nothing extra at the bottom of the neighbors list. Sure would like to know the REAL answer to the problem as I am sure many others would to. Kind of senseless to play otherwise.

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    Re: Problem Adding Friends in Treasure isle

    My question in about this free energy if you add a neighbour thing. when I want to get this, I need to add the neighbour as neighbour after the countdown is over, or is it possible during as well? basically it means i can lose a free energy refill because i accepted a new neighbour +- a minute, that right. They should be located at the bottom the order is: neighbors, pending neighbors, non-neighbors. If you do not see them, I'd try a different browser and see if it shows for you. If it is still not showing, you may inquire with Customer Support and see if they can help you out.

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