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Thread: Farmandia: Using Seeder and harvester in farm

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    Farmandia: Using Seeder and harvester in farm

    I m presently started playing Farmandia in Facebook since it looks like a good game but I want to know that what is the most excellent method to use the seeders and the harvester in Farmandia. Also how many times I need to harvest it to have the proper utilization for each type of plant for our Mastery Sign. I have one harvester as well as one seeder and don’t knows how many species of trees are there present out there. If anyone have any ideas regarding this then please let me know about this.

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    Re: Farmandia: Using Seeder and harvest

    Harvester – This is use to harvests the crops and sends them to the factories for further process.
    Orchard Harvester –This can be for harvesting the fruit off trees and sends them to the factories and this save lot of time because in time we can collect many fruit in time just need to click on it.
    Truck – It is use for collecting the products from every greenhouses, factories and sheds. You just click or drag certain material which you want to transport then it will transport that automatically.
    Caterpillar and Tractor –It allows you for plowing all unplowed plots. Just you need for dragging that machine on the un-plough land and utilize it special care since it consume lot of fuel.
    Seeder - seeds plows plots.

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    Re: Farmandia: Using Seeder and harvest

    Caterpillar and Tractor:
    1. you must select the Caterpillar or Tractor and select he option Plow from the option list.
    2. The machines will plow all unplowed crops.

    1. Select on the Seeder and select the Seed which you need to plan the tree in order to harvest further in prospect. It will take you to the market. And just select that seed and go to plant the tree.
    2. Select which seed you desire and click purchase it automatically purchase and the seeder get to the field.
    3. Go to a plowed land you desire to start from, then drag and emphasize every plot you desire to seed.
    4. Seeder will seed all individuals’ plots automatically.

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    Re: Farmandia: Using Seeder and harvest

    With the help of the harvesters and truck you can repeatedly sends every factory crops as well as animal products to the factories. So, if you desire to assemble the cash straight away, you need to utilize the Universal Tool as well as Select on them manually. Whenever your mouse drift on the factories option which is present on the right top corner of the screen, if it illustrate as Done, you will require to select the factory and the coins will go onto your total. If you do not contain any of the machines, to drive crops to the factories, you have to select the procedure Tool foremost and afterward click the crops.

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    Re: Farmandia: Using Seeder and harvest

    Have you tried just with the help of the Universal Tool, afterward starting the harvester? If you don't utilize the Process Tool, perhaps the harvester will put up for sale all the crops straight away? You even try to experiment that out on a small crop I have growing in an hour and half and after that I straight away harvest in order to send that good inside the factory. Yes you can just crop or procedure with the harvester. Already knew that too.. But I want to do both without having to discontinue the machine somewhere in the middle. And I believe that is not possible. Similar to with the seeder, there you can choose the area you desire to seed, I would like to be capable to choose what I want to harvest.

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