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Thread: Sims 3:The Reason I HAVE to Get OLS!

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    Sims 3:The Reason I HAVE to Get OLS!

    This is Mick O'Hara, why you should get OLS. Look how happy he is! He loves to barbecue! If he is so happy with just a regular old grill. just think how happy I would be with a complete outdoor kitchen and beautiful new patio furniture and accents! Now I wonder ... I cannot deny how when you make so happy?

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    Re: Sims 3:The Reason I HAVE to Get OLS!

    I Love to play all kind of games on my Computer, when I took my Computer I just took it to play games only whether it may be online games or racing games or strategies games or may be simulation games I am playing this Sims 3 game from the day I got it, I got this game a year ago and from that day I am playing this game daily what so ever happens I'm with Mick! And now I want a steak. And it's only 8:45 in the morning.

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    Re: Sims 3:The Reason I HAVE to Get OLS!

    Wow! He is a happy man! May sound stupid, but I want to OLS for hot baths and especially for a new music loading? You know. Every EP takes music to new cargo when loading a people. My Simmie never use the grill although I am an Israeli so stereotyped, the grill is my life. But now when I think of the kitchen outdoors again, I think I use more!

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    Re: Sims 3:The Reason I HAVE to Get OLS!

    As desilva said in the previous post I also love the game very much since I am also playing this game from 8 months. The steaks look incredibly real!I think you must. It was obvious she enjoys her work, I think I love almost everything I have seen the new package. I am catching up with chores to free up some time for when simming.

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