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Thread: Test Drive Unlimited 2 sucks

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    Test Drive Unlimited 2 sucks

    This is supposed to be a novel game; it seems like its many years old. Up till now the game thinks its Crysis or incredible, my computer is quite decent and I obtain frame rate drops or stammers. The driving physics are awful and provide zero feeling of in fact driving a car, even on my G27 wheel. The sound is superb the voice acting is superb the menus are superb; the whole thing regarding this game is superb. I was completely appearing forward to this game and right from the start it managed to completely dissatisfy me. Starting with the games incapability to begin in full screen followed by antique looking graphics and the last nail in the coffin the driving really sucks. A game called test drive should have semi polite driving. What a squander of $50.

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    Re: Test Drive Unlimited 2 sucks

    I completely concur with you, and I just exhausted 10 minutes interpretation to observe if I can get my cash back. I am so jarateed off about purchasing this console ported games which I am completed preordering computer games era. I have been burnt for the previous time. The graphics are completely dreadful; it’s so terrible so awful, that the whole thing seems like reflects; even if you paint your car with a dull color it at a halt seems like a bad moving mirror. I favor the look of the first TDU; this one seems like a few truly old awful computer games or a console game. But, apart the horrifying graphic look, I discover the game truly cool, and I am enjoying the drive.

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    Re: Test Drive Unlimited 2 sucks

    Totally agree, I got this the further day and required to acquire it if the game was nice particularly for the online just for me to uninstall it latterly of the first championship that I not at all do for games, Dead Space 2 deserved my wealth, and this however can depart for itself. It is a deprived port (careless performance on extreme hardware). Seems like crap (contrasted to games similar to Dirt2 or even Hot Pursuit).
    1. Feels very uninteresting to play
    2. Awful music selection
    3. Controls are conflicting
    4. Unnecessary SIM-like elements
    5. Unnecessary first person menu system

    This should be dragged off Steam it is that awful and to observe it hit the top sellers catalog just makes me distress that people have exhausted the wealth because how you can take pleasure in this game or even stand it I don't know.

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    Re: Test Drive Unlimited 2 sucks

    I just return from my friend's house that purchased the game newly and this is accurately what I thought regarding tdu2 later than playing fairly with it. I am happy I didn't squander $50 on this part of garbage. The controls are awful and I know graphics are not the whole thing in a game but come on they are not actually improved than the first one, and I though the cars approximately looked superior in tdu1. And why are there just 2 radio stations to select from? Even gta3, a 10 year old game had way extra radio station than that. Is it only I or you can't regulate your view in cockpit mode like you could in the initial one? I mean shift the seat forward or rearward and up or down?

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    Re: Test Drive Unlimited 2 sucks

    That is very funny and truly messed up at the similar time. Feel terrible for those who rewarded for it and feel like they got screwed over. I had pre-acquired it but I am in the procedure of getting refunded as I sent in my demand for a repayment earlier than the game was released on Steam. Now I am surely happy that I did. It is truly too bad. I was looking forward to this game fairly somewhat. I don't mind that it has all the Sims kind features and so on. If it at a standstill has the driving part which I am looking for and is of excellence remain of it I just seem at as additional. And if you don't like commerce with it then I think you are being as a minimum a bit fussy. Not any of that additional stuff interferes much with the major part of the game to the extent that I know and from what I have heard. Appears like you would make abundance of cash to pay for it all anyway. But if they actually did unsuccessful on a lot of of the additional points listed which the majority players think the major features that everybody cares about, then with any luck it will hit in the pocket books.

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