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Thread: Which vehicle should be the next Farmville seeder?

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    Which vehicle should be the next Farmville seeder?

    I am posting this thread on behalf of Farmville community to help them provide an idea that will help them to know that which are all the vehicles that should be made available in the game so that we can be in some kind of advantage state. I am listing below some of the seeders that will help you all in getting some kind of idea so as what facility to choose. Please, do mention some of the facts that are necessary for the vetches. These are all the kind of seeders.
    • Fire Truck Semi Truck
    • Pickup Truck
    • Trolley
    • Minivan
    • Cement Truck

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    Re: Which vehicle should be the next Farmville seeder?

    According to me the Pickup truck will certainly be very good to have on our farm, I think that since there is not any kind of transport facility available in the farm, so getting the same will help us in transporting the goods to various places. I am putting all my money on this truck and that if it is made available then sure its going to help us even more producing more crops and generating more and more money and coins from it. I am very eagerly waiting for the truck to get reveal as soon as possible.

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    Re: Which vehicle should be the next Farmville seeder?

    Hey friends I would want to opt for school bus seeder and harvester to help us in plowing activity, I think that this will certainly help in getting the plowing activity to get more speedy. I have been looking for this kind of thing for quite some time now and that if this is made available to us then naturally this is going to put us in lot of advantages state as compared to what we are sin now. The plowing really consumes allot of time when are to move from one end of the farm over to the next end. With this kind of availability we will surely be able to get the plowing activity done in a short time span.

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    Re: Which vehicle should be the next Farmville seeder?

    I would like to have a minivan as it can move around the farm as well as the market place with much ease and that we will even be able to get as much as stuff from the market as possible. A minivan will look more convenient as compared to the other vehicles that have been mentioned in the above post. A minivan can easily move besides our farm as well as it is suitable to move inside very easily in the market as compared to the truck or trolley. I am putting my whole money for this minivan and so I think that Zynga will certainly consider my request and comes out with a good decision that will benefit each and every one of us in the farming.

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    Re: Which vehicle should be the next Farmville seeder?

    Whatever may the choice of Zynga that is whatever vehicle that they choose as a seeder, I think that one of most and very important thing that they should come up is the customize option. I think that there should be an option to customize the seeder that the Farmville will come up with for us so that we can easily modify our vehicle the way we want. If this thing is made available in the game then I think Farmville can also come up with the contest that will provide the gift for those who will modify the vehicle in the best possible way. I hope that Zynga will consider my requests.

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    Re: Which vehicle should be the next Farmville seeder?

    good update

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