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Thread: Planting Candy Canes in FarmVille

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    Planting Candy Canes in FarmVille

    Planting Candy Canes in FarmVille is it worth. Also i would like to know when the candy canes will be launched in the FarmVille. Please tell me whether it is possible to gain more experience point xp and even coins since i am a newbie to the Candy Canes i am not able to get the problem fixed. If you are aware of candy canes then please furnish some tips so that i can earn good amount xp as well as coins.

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    Re: Planting Candy Canes in FarmVille

    A few days ago Farmville anticipated that those are Crafting the Cottages, buildings that will allow you to produce different kinds of products using various raw materials such as bushels of the farmer's market. clicking on "Learn More" you will see some recipes to produce the products according to different types of crafting cottages, the homes of artisans.

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    Re: Planting Candy Canes in FarmVille

    These seeds can be purchased for 25, 55, and 250 Farm Cash to unlock. then it costs 15 coins for planting, XP gives you two and can be harvested every 4 hours for 100 coins. Not only that, the crop brings expertise and never fades! What a deal and 100% will be donated to Children's Hospital! Once purchased, you will also receive a Candy Cane Bear as a reward, and I can share with your neighbors.

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    Re: Planting Candy Canes in FarmVille

    A new Limited Edition Co-Op has arrived in Farmville, it is the work "candy canes for children (candy canes for the kids). To complement this co-op requires the help of your neighbors in Farmville that will grow in a limited edition candy canes for the Benioff UCSF Children's Hospital. To unlock these special seeds, however, must pay with cash farm whose proceeds will be donated by Zynga at Children's Hospital.

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    Re: Planting Candy Canes in FarmVille

    Candy canes were at the lowest seed yet Farm ville. It could be planted by each farmer even at (level 1), but will give two experience points. After only 4 hours of growth time it could be harvested, for this there were 100 coins. Thus, the candy canes, a seed with the highest yield. it can be grown for 10 coins. As a thank you a farmer is given the a candy cane and a teddy bear.

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    Re: Planting Candy Canes in FarmVille

    The craftsmanship in Farmville is a very complex feature. This might be for the reason as it uses several built in features of Farmville as bushels, the market, gathering and communicating with the neighbor. If you want to understand fully well how the system of handicraft, You will have to make use of the Farmville Mysterybox.

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