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Thread: What could Farmville add that'd impress you?

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    What could Farmville add that'd impress you?

    I've been a bit of wear Farmville recent weeks and I am getting "eh" to the game, so I started thinking about what I could do Farmville / add to the game that really would be, literally, I am impressed and pump some new energy into the game and make you more excited. I'm not talking about the easy "expansion!" or more storage! I'm talking new feature - honest to goodness new, exciting and different.

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    Re: What could Farmville add that'd impress you?

    I would love to see the animal open cars to the train actually have and show some of our favorite animals ! Now I have the train tracks around my farm, and I can add as many cars as you can to the train. if he could open cars of the animals and put my real animals there for display (such as orchards), which would be my favorite of all time have ! It would improve my train and I can show some cool animals. I would buy a lot of them .

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    Re: What could Farmville add that'd impress you?

    The mystery game is fun and rewarding, sometimes - but this is a game of risk and chance with prizes. Something I've thought for a while is an arcade Farmville (building) that comes with a basic game . Maybe a Farmville Slot Machine - Coins cost to play - win coins, LE seeds and decorated (nothing too big if you ask for a prize). I'm sure there are many games in the public domain to migrate to a topic Farmville - it could release new games to include in the gallery - I guess the new games would be for the FC. It would be a good way to kill time while waiting game of crops, animals and trees to be ready.

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    Re: What could Farmville add that'd impress you?

    A second farm, one for work and another for decoration, so you can use what I buy. The ability to move things between farms. Larger farms are not the answer because of the delay involved.It must not damage the crops domain if the farm linked second is set to not have anything planted in it at the domain or a set of plants not at all. SI can be planted for decoration only unwither then the ring has to work in both plots.
    In the real world, farmers often have plots of land for the animals and crops often a separate individual for lifeā€¦

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    Re: What could Farmville add that'd impress you?

    Ooh! Ooh! I know what would! Somehow the idea is based on mutliple operating, but is mixed with an idea that has been kicked around these forums forever functional Buildings.I additional farmers would be able to buy what the buildings are of interest (for example, a botanical garden / greenhouse, fish pond / fish hatchery, etc, etc, etc) and place them on his farm. Then, when clicked, the farmer "enter" the building (also known as out of the current operation and enter your additional farm) and be "in" the building and have a new whoooooole world of work to do, plants or animals to grow, new challenges to face, new tapes, collections, types of animals or plants to purchase, cultivate, raise, sell and share with your neighbors botanical garden. This could allow to grow beautiful exotic flowers and plants, designing a stream flowing through, we will design a stylized garden, and give flowers to share with friends. The tapes could be fun things like getting your garden rated by magazines, home and garden, etc. You could even flowers hybrids.If mestizo has added a fish hatchery or pond koi, you would be able to buy and raise fish, decorate your tank / ponds and the surrounding area, fish feed, collect eggs, etc.Aviary - Farmers could get into the aviary and decide what types of birds they would like to preserve, cultivate, raise, harvest and sell. They could trade their eggs neighbors.Butterfly setting - where farmers grow flowers and plants specifically to attract butterflies, then collect, breed and trade ideas with their neighbors. The Tabs are really unlimited, but I think it would be tons of fun! Furthermore, the ability to add buildings as we go, we could keep adding new things, new experiences and new challenges and keep things fresh and new.
    Yes This is my idea. I like this.

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