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Thread: Diablo 2 messed graphics

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    Diablo 2 messed graphics

    I am a game lover, for this I assembled my Dell machine with windows 7 OS, along with this other specifications are like Intel core 2 duo processor and Ati radeon high definition graphical interface. I recently installed Diablo 2 game in my machine, and after that I encountered a problem regarding the graphical performance and also with the machine performance. The graphics is messed with so many colors, along with this also if I open more than one program, while the gaming application is open; all the program windows are messed in a single image into my machine screen. Is the problem is for the gaming application or anything else, can’t understand. Suggest me some thing to resolve this problem? Any suggestion regarding this will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Diablo 2 messed graphics

    According to me regarding this type of problem I think the problem is not for the gaming application, it is for the graphics card. For this I recommend to replace the existing graphics driver with the latest version. Visit into the manufacturer web site and from there download the latest version which is compatible with the machine hardware specification and with the operating system version. Replace that one with the existing driver application, and after complete the process reboot your machine, go through this, I hope it will surly help you.

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    Re: Diablo 2 messed graphics

    Yes I think might be after install the gaming application the problem that you mentioned may be occur, for that you need to remove that one from your machine. But before that I suggest you to start your machine in safe mode and check whether the same problem is occurring that also or not. If this still occurring there then it is clear that the game is not compatible with the machine hardware specification, and you must need to remove that one from your machine. And for the slowly responding problem I recommend you to run the hard drive wipe process, you will locate this process from start menu or type and insert wipe into the search command panel. Click on that and run the process, if ether sin y extra space is allocated by the software or any other program.

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    Re: Diablo 2 messed graphics

    By the system restore process this problem can be resolved, according to me. So I would like to suggest you to click on system restore option from system under accessories from start menu and terminate the process. Whereas I was also facing similar issue, after that I searched almost everywhere for the solution, got some of them and applied them, but nothing is worked over there. After that one of my friend suggest me to do the system restore process, and by this the problem is solved. So I hope this will also help you to overcome from, click on the process and select the desire date and time, where you did not get any problem. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

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    Re: Diablo 2 messed graphics

    I also think that the problem is for the graphics driver, for this I would like o recommend you to reload the graphics driver, for that insert driver installation disk into the CD ROM drive, now right click on the driver name from device manager and choose update option. Select offline recommended option, after that the windows will direct you to select the driver installation program from the machine or from some other locate, browse and click on update button, it will replace the existing driver application with the new file or you can say this as the fresh installation. Go through this, I am sure that, this process will definitely be helping you to overcome from the problem.

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