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Thread: CityVille: How to make citizens happy?

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    CityVille: How to make citizens happy?

    Hello friends
    Last month I complete all stages of Farmville and restaurant city. From last three weeks I am playing CityVille. When I started playing this game I didn’t face any problem related to my citizens they are happy. But from last few days I noticed that my cities citizens are not happy. I don’t know what should I do for making them happy again? Is their unhappiness effect my games performance? If are aware about all these things try to get back to me as early as possible. I stopped construction of my city from last two days. I am never going to continue the construction unless and until I get appropriate solution for this problem. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: CityVille: How to make citizens happy?

    I am also one of the crazy persons who like to play CityVille. Actually most of the social games available on facebook are helpful for taking your knowledge regarding management. I am playing this game from last four months. But until now I never come across problem like this. I think it is not a big issue. Try to resolve this problem by constructing community buildings like hospitals and all that which are helpful for your citizens. Last week when my friend asked me solution for same problem I suggest him the same solution. That one work for him. I hope you are also able to resolve this problem by making community buildings for your citizens.

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    Re: CityVille: How to make citizens happy?

    Firstly try to solve this problem of unhappy citizens by making more community buildings for them. If you already have lots of community buildings inside your city compared to your population check all community buildings whether they are constructed properly or not. And also has sufficient number of staff members for better future. It might be possible that you have lots of community building but with insufficient staff to manage all those. If you find anyone with insufficient staff try to make it proper one, By employing new staff. I hope this will definitely make your citizens happy. If you are still not able to make your citizens happy tell me I will ask my friends for another solution.

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    Re: CityVille: How to make citizens happy?

    If your population is unhappy try to make them happy by building new objects like community buildings. While constructing buildings always keep watch on staff members you are employing inside all buildings. There is no use of making new community building with less number of staff members. If your citizens are still not happy there is no need to worry their unhappiness not going to affect your games performance. You can continue the expansion of your city even if your citizens are unhappy. I am telling all this to you because from last month I am also playing the same game with unsatisfied citizens. Believe me up till now I can’t face any problem regarding performance of my game.

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    Re: CityVille: How to make citizens happy?

    If you noticed that your population is not happy inside you city, firstly check all the buildings you are constructed for your citizens that is community buildings. See whether there are sufficient numbers of workers are not. And if possible try to create new one for them. While constructing these building always keep eye on your population. Always try to balance the ratio of population and community buildings. I think this will help you to get rid of this problem. If even after trying too much things you are facing same problem, I will suggest you to keep it as it is. These will never going damage your game. For more solutions refer the guides available on internet.

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