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Thread: How to get Free candy in restaurant city

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    How to get Free candy in restaurant city

    I just started the restaurant city game from my facebook and just surprise: "There's a free candy"! Great, I clicked on it and a window popup. To obtain the free ingredient I have like Restaurant City game. That weird, I like Restaurant city and I always had all the free ingredients but nowadays it is not possible to obtain this candy and it's very depressing for the reason that it's very rare. So anyone knows how to get this free candy in restaurant city game.

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    Re: How to get Free candy in restaurant city

    In fact it is only accessible by buying it with playfish cash. You are correct. At present, if u wish for candy, you will require playfish cash. But i consider that in the last few days time, restaurant city game is permitting us to send candy as free gift through a mystery box or it can be send directly. I’ve got 6 candies coming up for me to claim, but I can't. I've "unlike" restaurant city and afterward re- "liked" it, but afterward make a difference. I've played this game for over a year every day, and established all other free "like" gifts, and also the candy, which paradoxically can be gettable any other method than purchasing with PF cash.

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    Re: How to get Free candy in restaurant city

    You will require log-out of Facebook account and into your friends account to make out if he could obtain the candy. You will require doing the normal things with the account like checking the feed and select to accumulate things on the feed (together with the vanilla as a fan gift). Then you will require going in to his restaurant and was capable to obtain the candy on his. Afterwards you will require to logged back into your account as well as clicked to gather the vanilla fan gift (you don't require it so you didn't click it before) and clicked "like" on that post. So go back into RC and was capable to get the candy.

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    Re: How to get Free candy in restaurant city

    The countdown for the occasion we have to create candy has previously happening and has been going for what a day or two now? And up to now, we can't yet gift candy. I've gotten one until now from the game server itself. Why did they begin the countdown previous to we can even gift candy to every one other? I have a tough an adequate amount of time just receiving any gifts at all, but I can definite as heck observe who all is acknowledge them based on the automatic coin and water-tile gift reply I observe within the game. I may observe 19-25 of those, but hardly ever do I see ingredient replies in Facebook.

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    Re: How to get Free candy in restaurant city

    I think that you can obviously get it by spending your playfish cash. But you can get it accepting the free gift from your friends. But there is a problem if you cannot send the gift to your friend you will not obtain the free candy for this game. Once you send the gift and accept your gift and if those gifts have a Candy then you can get it. I heard that by clicking on the RC and like you get the free candy. But I think that it is kind of fake that playfish have created in their game.

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